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A Little Valentine’s Tradition

I have a little Valentine’s Day tradition.

I eat heart shaped pizza and enjoy a bubbly drink.

I blame one Jenny Swarth for that. It started in college for no particular reason. And it stuck. And now, I feel very strongly that Valentine’s Day isn’t complete with those ingredients.

Sadly, J Swarth moved away for grad school, but the pizza and bubbly drink continued with various friends. And the day was always wonderfully celebrated and filled with love.

And moving to Colorado, finding The Boy, and losing my hook up with Valentino’s Pizza can’t stop me.

It’s tradition. And I continue to want to celebrate that way.

Good news friends – my loving Boy is flexible and willing to share LOVE day with other friends, a pile of board games and questionably decent pizza.

My gingers! The pizza! A perfect night.

My gingers (they wore their red hair for Valentine’s Day! How thoughtful!)! The pizza! A perfect night.

So from my home to yours, a very happy (and obviously belated) LOVE day!

And note: if you’re ever in my vicinity around mid-February and you’re coming from a town that DOES have Valentino’s… I wouldn’t be mad if you brought me a heart shaped pizza to cook at a later date… I promise to love you for forever.

Oh who am I kidding, if you’re ever visiting and you bring me food from Nebraska, my love for you will always grow. And yes, I’m looking at you Runza Becky…

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