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Rubber Shoes, Blisters and Adventure

Today’s funny story is all about how one very clumsy and klutzy* girl attempted to learn rock climbing.

And by rock climbing, I mean boudlering. Which is still rock climbing, only with no ropes. You just scale up the wall like a little monkey.

Let me just set the tone of this blog post with a little picture here:

I mean, I know I'm making this look flawless, but dear Lord, this was HARD.

I mean, I know I’m making this look flawless, but dear Lord, this was HARD.


How, pray tell, did I decide to take on this really random adventure? Great question.

Well, as every good adventure story begins… there’s this boy I like that rock climbs. Queue laughter. So in my head, I dream up this genius plan of secretly learning how to rock climb and surprising him with being awesome at some later date (maybe for his birthday?). So I bought a groupon. I think I’m going to learn all about ropes. And then I’m going to just scale up the wall. Because how hard can that be? Oh, and random, yet important side note: I have a paralyzing fear of heights.

So I get there, I put on a pair of rubber shoes. And the adventure begins.

First: The lady tells me where to put my hands and feet… and I think “I’m sorry, you think that tiny tiny little piece of fake rock is going to hold THIS? Lady. Come on.”

Next: She tells me to move my right foot to the rock currently holding my left foot. Which, trust me, there’s not room. But there was no need to doubt, she just quickly explained that all I had to do was swing my right foot and as that foot is nearing the one already on the rock you just quickly remove your left and replace with your right. Like magic. Because floating momentarily in the air is eaaaaaaaaaaasy.

After the first little path was completed, I laugh to myself because my arms are shaking, my legs are feeling the burn and my hands are on fire. Which, after looking down at them I realize is because I have peeled off layers of skin. Ah, because as you climb, you’re supposed to use chalk. Got it. So my very nice tiny little trainer lady puts super glue on the blisters (no, I don’t understand it either) wraps my hands, shows me where the chalk is and we move to the next location.

Where we climb up.

Now, nothing in the gym is higher than 15 feet. Because you’re not using ropes. And from the ground, that just doesn’t look very high. And using these tiny tiny little rocks, I manage to climb all the way to the top on this path (see photo). And I’m pretty proud of myself.

Which is about the time I realize that I have to use these tiny little things to climb back down. I get that logically, 15 feet down just isn’t that far, but that paralyzing fear of heights I mentioned, that makes 15 feet down look absolutely unreasonable. So I very carefully make my way down and then laugh at myself when I get to the ground and look back up at the little tiny climb I’d made.

I learned a couple of other routes, I practiced until I could basically not use my arms any more and I left covered in sweat, chalk, blisters on my hands and with every limb shaking.

And here’s what I realized: It was hard. Really hard. Like, I’m never going to be great at this hard. And this whole surprise idea was the worst idea I’ve ever had.

And that’s okay.

Because now I know how to do it. I appreciate the people who do this for fun all the more. And every once and awhile I’ll go and I’ll know what’s happening and I won’t hate that I don’t know what I’m doing. At some point, the blisters will heal (probably) and my arms will quit throbbing (seriously, I didn’t know some of these painful areas of my body existed) and with my one month membership, I’ll go again. Who knows, maybe I’ll magically fall in love with it in the next three weeks? Okay. Fine. You’re right. I totally won’t.

And if you’re wondering, I totally immediately caved and I drove straight to the boys house to show him my blisters and to tell him that although I like him a whole lot… I’m just never going to share the love of his favorite hobby with him. He laughed and then brushed off the chalk covering my face and assured me that I don’t need to be an expert rock climber. Sigh. What a guy.

Oh – and in other outdoorsy irrational Betsy idea news… I bought skis this week. Because I plan to be a skiing fool this year. Which, I hope you all read and thought “well, there’s bound to be a good blog post about THAT.” Because, yes, you’re absolute right. Ski Bunny Betsy… here we come!

Colorado, you sneaky sneaky state, you just continue to grow on me. Who knows, maybe I will fall in love with you yet!

*My spell check is trying to let me know I’ve spelled this word wrong and that I meant to type “slutty.” Thank you auto correct. But no thank you.

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Dancing Through Life

I made a decision the other day that has been bringing a smile to my face for a week solid.

I joined Jazzercise.

Yeah. I said it. And I meant it.

Because really, nothing makes me happier than swinging my hips like an idiot to a Pitbull jam blaring through the speakers. It’s basically like dance class for grown ups. And sure, I might be the youngest person in the room by a solid 20 years, but that just means people think I’m endearing and they compliment me.

And there is NOTHING wrong with going to the ‘gym’ and getting complimented on your dance moves.

Especially if work is paying for your ‘gym’ membership (which I realized last week they would do!). Everyone, I’m telling you. This is a total win.

And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.

The best part is the people I’m enjoying the class with. They are awesome. They shout. Some sing. And some wear leg warmers.

Let me correct that… some of the 60-something year old men wear singlets, tights and rainbow leg warmers.

Summary: Singlet. Tights. Leg Warmers. Consider my day made.

Summary: Singlet. Tights. Leg Warmers. Consider my day made.

That happened. In my life. At Jazzercise.

So if you’re looking for a workout where:

  • You spend a full hour running around like a crazy person…
  • You won’t be judged for any level you’re at… or anything you’re wearing…
  • You want to fulfill that life long dream of having a massive dance party to all of your favorite tunes (don’t lie – you’ve been practicing alone in your bedroom for years)…
  • Are welcomed with open arms by everyone there…

… all while spending an hour grinning from ear to ear.

I have the place for you! Thanks to my darling friend Becky for being my biggest Jazzercise advocate for years. Girl is right. This is a blast. So if for some reason you can’t get ahold of me, don’t freak out, just know, I’m doing jazz squares to J Lo. I’ll call you back in a bit…

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The REAL Jillian Michaels

I hope you can all tell CLEARLY that this is post workout...

I hope you can all tell CLEARLY that this is post workout…

I have the most amazing and incredible new friends. I say something like “Hey – I have this new Jillian Michael’s DVD workout thing… want to come over and try it with me?”

And they say yes.

And they show up.

And they sweat, pant, laugh and hurt with me.

My new friends of two months.

Basically, they are great.

Also great… this Jillian Michael’s DVD. Only ironic because yesterday I blogged about my friend Jillian Michael’s… but this the real Jillian Michael’s. Confusing. I know. I’m sorry.

At the suggestion of a tall wonderful drop dead smart blonde fit friend of mine – I bought this 30 Day Shred Video on my iTunes. It was $8.99 – which although might be slightly breaking the first goal of the month… sure beats a monthly gym membership and joining fee… Plus, it’s like three videos in one (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3).

Basically – this is eight types of winning in one package.

  1. It’s a way to hang out with new friends.
  2. It’s a 20-30 minute commitment.
  3. You pick the time of day that works for you. Morning? Great! Evening? Perfect. It’s ready when you are.
  4. It’s on my iPad – I can be in my living room, my bedroom, a friend’s house, or travel with it.
  5. It’s basically 30 seconds of anything at one time. You hate it? Suck it up, you’ve got 18 seconds to go.
  6. Want to try it for free? Oh, YOU CAN because the first episode is on YouTube for free. Right here. Be ready to sweat.
  7. The abs of the ladies alone should inspire you.

Last night was night one. You can ask me again tomorrow how sore I’m feeling… but I really really enjoyed it. It is like a mini boot camp. It’s EXACTLY what I was looking for. Oh the sweat! Oh the arm weights! Oh the abs! I’ve actually missed it and I’m so excited to get back into the swing of it.

Or maybe excited is a little too strong of a word? I’ll keep you posted…

Oh and if you’re in my new city – consider yourself invited over to Betsy’s Boot Camp… in her living room… with her 95 lb dog trying to help you with your ab workout (aka: licking your face and pawing at you)… There’s never a dull moment here, that’s for darn sure. But a free workout that’s fun? Well, that’s just something to smile about!