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The Ice Bucket Challenge

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about this week:


And if you’ve been on twitter, facebook, instagram (and/or probably MySpace?), it’s something that you’ve probably thought about too.

Maybe it was just a passing moment where you wondered what it was and why on earth people were dumping ice buckets on their heads for it. Maybe you got nominated and you poured ice water on yourself and you laughed about how crazy and cold it was. Maybe you clicked on and watched all of the ice bucket fails because those are hialarious (thanks Jenny). Maybe you’re just plain sick of it being in your newsfeed and you hope you never seen another person get doused with water again.

Or maybe, just maybe, you saw it, did some research on what ALS actually is and educated yourself.

If you’re in that later bucket – I high five you.

If you went an extra step and you donated $5 – I applaud you.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not one bit about the ice, the water, the celebrities posting their videos, or even about you and me. No, it’s about $31.5 million (and counting) reasons that a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad disease might be cured and about hope for the 5,600 people a year that are diagnosed.

And you know what else it’s about?

Feeling compelled to donate.

Giving a little bit of your time, talents, resources to something that matters.

(I know, it just got deep.)

But really, I hope that’s the take away from this.

I hope you feel called to donate to something that matters.

And maybe, ALS doesn’t matter to you. Maybe you’re not personally affected by it.

Okay, great, fine. I get that. I totally support you.

But you know what? Something else in your life matters.

Are you giving to that?

And maybe you don’t have a spare penny to your name, maybe you’re streched so thin that giving $5 is exactly $5 too many.

I get that.

But I also know you have 24 hours in your day.

Could you give some of that?

And if you’ve got no spare money and no spare time, you just let me know and I’ll start praying for you, because in that case, you need a prayer warrior my friend, and I’m happy to be there for you.

But to you with a little bit extra each month? Spend some time learning about what ALS actually is (hint: it’s terrible), or research something else that matters to you and how you can support them. Sponsor a kid. Help cure a disease. Volunteer in your community. Give to your church.

Give from yourself, cheerfully and readily.

Thank you to those of you who nominated me. Know that this incredible challenge has made me take a deeper dive into what else I want to spend my spare pennies on. Sure, I’ve made a one time donation to ALS, but I’ve also started a monthly donation to the Alzheimer’s Association. It’s all about support, advocacy and research for a disease I passionately despise and I can really get on board with that. I should have been sharing my pennies with them for years. Shame on me for not.

So I suppose that also means I need to share my thanks with you facebook, for making people stop and notice. I applaud you for sucking us in and for making something viral for a cause.

Now to my lovely readers, I hope you feel challenged to give of yourself. And while you’re at it, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you encouraged others to do so too?

I’m super into that… whether or not that involves dumping a bucket of ice water onto your head. 🙂

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That One Time I Decided to Take Up The Boy’s Hobby


I haven’t told you this yet, because I wanted to make sure I didn’t die before I completed the season, or do something super awesome like break my arm (WHICH ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO SOMEONE ELSE PLAYING)…

…but I joined a Frisbee league this summer.

For fun.

And mainly to figure out what this game that The Boy loves so much is all about.

And let me tell you, it’s all about running.

That’s the general summary.

You run. And then you run some more. And then you run extra for fun. All while trying to make sure a disc doesn’t hit you in the face and while attempting to run either to or away from someone.

The fact that I didn’t break something, hurt someone else, or die, is very amazing. Praise Jesus.

I showed up to the first game barely understanding how to throw a Frisbee and having zero idea of what the rules of the game were. I hadn’t eaten because it’s right after work and how long could a simple game of throwing a Frisbee back and forth take?

Answer: Two hours. It can take two hours. And thinking it was simple was dumb.

I finished that game more tired, hungry and sore than I’ve been in years. In fact, my poor friend Ellie (the amazing, wonderful, kind soul who lovingly agreed to play with me so I wouldn’t be alone) described her hunger as wanting to eat an Elephant. And then a bag of potato chips. And that’s exactly what it felt like.

This was what we looked like after the first game. Unfortunately, we look less phased then I think we were trying to convey.

This was what we looked like after the first game. Unfortunately, we look less phased then I think we were trying to convey. You can exhaust us, but you can’t take our cheerful away.

As the season went on, I started to figure out the rules, the general idea of how to play and I got to know my amazing and incredible team. Honestly, they are probably the reason I kept going back. Well, that and I wanted to run more.

Bwahaha. That’s a lie. Obviously. Carrying on…

By the end of the season I was bidding for discs and looked just like this:

Okay, but for serious, people dive to catch the disc. It's called bidding. Yeah, I know that now.

Okay, but for serious, people dive to catch the disc. It’s called bidding. Yeah, I know that now.

Okay, okay, you’re right, I didn’t look like that. I’m committed to my team… but I’m also committed to not dying on the field. So I honestly looked more like this:

He he he.

He he he.

But I had fun. I loved cheering the team on, loved the excuse to be outdoors for a couple hours a week and loved getting to see The Boy do something he loved so much. And let’s be honest,  this is much less terrifying then watching him rock climb or attempting to ski next to him. #adventurousboyfriendprobs 

Plus, I got my first Frisbee.

Oh and that blob of yellow in the back? Yeah, that's my jersey. Because wearing tight bright yellow is all the rage these days guys.

Oh and that blob of yellow in the back? Yeah, that’s my jersey. Because wearing tight bright yellow is all the rage these days guys.

Which we used in the tournament this weekend.

Wait, did you say tournament?

Why yes, yes I did.

As if one Frisbee game a day isn’t enough, after the season ends, they pair all the teams together and then you fight til death play for hours for fun against a whole bunch of teams. We lost. We won. We lost again. In my head, we’d play a game, take a break, eat some lunch, maybe play another game.

But no, these people are hard core, I should have known better. We played three games of Frisbee in a row. No stopping. Luckily Sadly, I missed the first game, so I only played two in a row… and that was about the perfect amount of fun for this girl.

And in the process of hanging out and running around outside, I burnt my skin to a crisp. You should be so lucky to see the tan line I’ve got going on my calves. It’s hot. Literally, still hot to the touch. Poor calves.

Also in the process? I won the Spirit Award for my team for the season. Which means that I may not have known one thing about playing Frisbee, but darn it I was NICE to people. And encouraging. And loud.

This should surprise none of you. The loud part especially.

And you want to know the crazy thing? When Wednesday rolls around this week, I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss the people. The laughs. Watching the games. The outdoors.

Maybe I’ll try to talk The Boy into a date night throwing a Frisbee around in a park. Just to relive my glory days on the field.

Plus, if I’m going to play again next year, I’ve only got a year to fully learn the rest of what ‘zone defense’ actually is, why you stop movement on the field if there’s a foul, and what you’re actually supposed to be doing when you’re on offense.

Turns out, venturing out of your comfort zone sometimes is pretty darn awesome.

Try it. I dare you.