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An Ode to Chuck.

People, I have giant, life-altering, incredible news.

And by that, I actually just mean I have generic news, but I’m REAL excited to tell you about it.

I have finished watching Chuck.

Oh, you didn’t know I started it because I watched it so FAST?! That’s fair. I understand. I have that “I turned on the television for one episode and then was still sitting here five episodes later and it’s one in the morning and I haven’t had dinner” problem. (If none of you have that problem, totally disregard that last sentence as a joke…or something.)

Anywho, I have officially watched all 91 episodes of cute-nerdy-geek-squad-turned-undercover-spy-asset Chuck. I did the math. That means I’ve spent a whopping 63 hours of my life watching a television show. Let’s not think of the part time job I could have had with that time. Or how that amount of hours would basically get me my realtors license. Or anything else productive.

Let’s instead look at it as I started a large undertaking and I finished it.

I’m SUCH a goal master.

I’m also a rock star girlfriend (because yes it IS The Boy’s favorite show, which, may or may not be the reason I was watching it in the first place…).

But enough about me. Check out this cast of people that have become my fake friends.

Come on. They just LOOK like fun don't they? So fun YOU TOO could spend 63 hours of your life with them.

Come on. They just LOOK like fun don’t they? So fun YOU TOO could spend 63 hours of your life with them.


So much so that by the last episode I was SOBBING over them. Which, is only terrible (read: embarrassing) since it’s The Boy’s favorite show and I was watching it with him. I think he was worried I was broken.

Nope. Not broken, just crying over fictional characters. NBD. Oh, that’s not how you watched it because you’re a boy? My bad.

So if it’s looking like you have a large chunk of unaccounted for time about to hit your hands (or you just generally think sleep is overrated), might I suggest this show? Why yes, it is on Netflix… AND it’s boy/girl friendly. And I think appropriate for all ages (I don’t have children, so while it seems appropriate to me, some might say I’m a bad judgment call there)? It’s just a nice, friendly, happily little show about a cute nerdy boy (that you will fall in love with), a will they/won’t they situation with his sassy blonde co-spy, and the stinking best random supporting cast of characters ever.

Thanks for 63 hours of laughs (and ::shakes fists:: tears) Chuck. You’ve been great.

And to the rest of you, I’m sorry that I just potentially inspired you to waste devote every night for the next two months watching this show. You can thank me when you’re done*.

*Ahem, unless you hate the ending, which, I hear some people did. But I thought it was nice. I guess have low expectations going in and there’s a better chance all will end well!



So the other day I wore shoes that were too big to work.

And by too big, I mean that these suckers wouldn’t stay on my feet when I was walking more than four steps. To be fair, I blame the stretchy TOMS ballet flat fabric and the fact that it was really cold outside. Which is my way of saying that I will absolutely make this mistake again because these shoes are cute.

My plan (after realizing what a tactical error this had been) was to go home and change them out at lunch. But then someone invited me out for a one dollar taco from a taco place with Taco Tuesdays… And I mean you can’t say no to a taco… Especially when it’s cheap and within walking distance…

Which, reflecting now, was a terrible idea. If the shoes don’t stay on my feet for four steps, imagine how bad it was for four miles (okay okay, blocks).

So I did the logical thing and popped into the store next to the Mexican restaurant and bought new shoes.

Oh, did I say logical?

I meant insane expensive ridiculous thing.

But seriously, how cute is this pair of TOMS?! And in chevron. I died.


And THAT’S the story of how I spent $50 on a random taco lunch.

So… Looks like we have a ways to go on that whole “fiscally responsible” thing. But hey, it’s all a learning curve right?!

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One Whole Year In Colorado.

I wanted to write a post and tell you all of my most favorite or most impactful things from 2013. A little year end wrap up if you will. A way to describe the first whole year of living in another state. To laugh about almost nearly torching my apartment to the ground with an oil fire. To remember the time I was THAT crazy cat lady who made a liter box cabinet for her cat that has… NEVER BEEN USED. Or reminisce about when I was worried that the Selena look was making a come back. I mean, isn’t that what Buzzfeed would want me to do?!

But here’s what I realized, this has just been an incredibly wonderful hard strange year. End of the year Betsy just feels like quite a different person than beginning of the year Betsy. And I didn’t have a great way of picking the ‘ten best/worst/most interesting things that happened’ simply because things just felt like they were on a different scale at different parts of the year.

There’s the hard parts of the year. The part where I lost family members I cared about and couldn’t be there immediately to hug my loved ones. The part where I ended a long term relationship that basically just broke me into pieces. And the part where I missed all of my friends living 500 miles away from my new life so badly my soul hurt.

But then there’s the other parts. The second half of year the year. That’s the part where I bought skis, tried rock climbing, learned to live on my own and fend for myself, found geocaching, explored my new state, learned the art of organization, the joy that a clean color coordinated closet can bring you, made some successful meals and taught people in this state that chili and cinnamon rolls is an actual legit combination.

And while doing that, I found some wonderful new incredible friends. The ones that invited a stranger to their birthday parties, their church outings and their weekly activities. The ones that listened to my doubts and drank wine with me on my porch just because. The ones that spent lunch hours with me tagging along as we went shopping at their favorite boutique. The ones that are always game for a pedicure and will absolutely eat dinner with you at that nasty fried fish place that no one ever wants to admit they go to. And the one that I didn’t know at all, but moved in with me so I could afford rent and somehow magically puts up with my crazy animals and makes me laugh on a daily basis.

And somewhere in the midst of all of that I stumbled upon a wonderful new man that gently helped me pick up those pieces my heart had broken into and put them back into place. And then I fell in love with that very sweet and incredible man who brings out the very best of me and makes me laugh at the little things in life again.

And being only 500 miles from home allowed me to travel home when I needed too. The funerals, the weddings, the sorority events that I just couldn’t miss, the basketball games my brother played in, the graduation of that same brother from high school, the major events and holidays with the family.

And even though I didn’t want to do a year end wrap up, what I did want to do very badly was thank everyone that participated in this year of my life with me.

So, to those of you in my life in 2013, thank you for all of the joy you brought me. Thanks for the phone calls, the in person visits, the invites to lunch, the comments on the blog, the random posts on my facebook wall, the FaceTime calls, the handwritten notes, the recipe sharing and the Christmas Cards. Because if anything was consistent through the year, it was the incredible love of my friends (and family!). I owe you all my healthy mental state. You guys rock.

Here’s to a blessed 2014 for each and every one of you.

And don’t worry, even though I’ve turned into a total ski bunny granola eating Coloradan (bwahahaha – NOT) I promise to continue to blog through the good, the bad and the hilarious.

Bring it on 2014.


Goat Cheese Omelet

Did you just die reading those words? Is your heart happy because you saw GOAT CHEESE in the title?

If not, I’m confused as to how we’re friends, but, I’ll attempt to move past that and continue upon my merry way of telling you about how I HAVE FOUND SOMETHING INCREDIBLE.

Let me start with the two things that weighed into this:

  1. I recently finished reading Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist. You guys, it’s incredible. It’s about friendship and wine and community around a table. And you know what’s better? It’s a collection of short stories, most of which feature a memory centered around a dish. Being at the lake house with friends and always having XYZ for dinner, knowing someone was sad and needing a casserole and feeding them the casserole. At the end of each of these fantastic stories, she includes the recipes. Which, are fantastic. I loved this book. I’m loving the recipes. Do yourself a favor, go buy a copy of this book for yourself, and one for your best friend, so you can read it together and then gab about how fabulous this incredible woman is and how you want to stage a random meeting and somehow get invited to one of her dinner parties…
  2. I adore breakfast. I could probably eat eggs for every meal. Especially if they were served with greasy hash browns and bacon… but even without all of the million extra calories those delicious side items I’ll take the eggs. For. Every. Meal.

So after reading one of my potential new bff’s new favorite author’s stories about goat cheese scrambled eggs… I thought “eggs and goat cheese… yes.” And then happily added ‘goat cheese crumbles’ to my grocery shopping list.

I thought maybe I’d save it for when there were a couple of people around to try it out with me… but then I remembered the losing streak I was on and decided to give it an initial go on my own.

So I threw a couple eggs in a bowl, whipped them up and then poured them into my fancy new mini skillet (thanks dad!) and cooked them on one side. Then I flipped those suckers over and while they were cooking the other side, I added goat cheese crumbles and spinach (you know, the vitamins and anti-oxidants and whatever else that’s good in spinach offsets the badness of the goat cheese… right?!) and folded it over and BAM! it looked just like a little breakfast place had made it for me.

So it's a little torn... and on a plain piece of toast... but it's still magically beautiful.

So it’s a little torn… and on a plain piece of toast… but it’s still magically beautiful.

Okay, it looked a LITTLE bit like a professional made it for me. You know, because it wasn’t burnt and had some fancy ingredients in it!

And then I took my little fork and cut myself a little bite and tried it.

And then I died and went to heaven. My heart was filled with joy and happiness. And the sun started shining and there were rainbows and a unicorn. Eggs and goat cheese.

Flipping genius.

I officially know what I’ll be eating for lunch every day this week. Um, you know, cause I want to practice my technique and um, really make it so that I can WOW guests when they come over.

Oh who am I kidding. It’s because it’s great and I want to eat it every day all day long.

Your takeaways from this blog? Go buy that book right now and read it. It’s so amazing.

And then sprinkle a little magic dust… I mean… goat cheese on your eggs the next time. It’ll make your stomach cry happy tears of delight!

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‘Pesto’ Chicken and Pasta

I’ve been on a BIT of a losing streak lately as far as cooking for The Boy goes.

And by lately, I mean, my all time record. And by a BIT I mean… I’m 0 for 3. First I strongly over spiced the brussel sprouts on our first dinner, then I made the very bland and not-so-tasty spinach squash lasagna (I know, I know, the name says it all),  followed by the pancake fail.

And in reality, it’s mainly just that I keep trying things out of my wheel house on him and they don’t turn up that great. Because now thinking about it, I’ve also made him Chicken Spectacular and some Italian Nachos (chips, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sausage, banana peppers… broil five minutes… you’re welcome) and those were both successful. So I’m really more 2 for 5. Which, is still not a passing percentage…

And I’m determined to change that. So my friend was telling me about this great recipe she made of HOMEMADE ‘pesto’, that she tossed in with some chicken and some noodles and ta-da! Dinner!

Well, an easy meal is my very favorite type, and friends, boy oh boy do I have a treat for you!

Things you’ll need:

The ingredients!

The ingredients!

  • Noodles (any size, any shape!) for Two
  • Chicken (I used shredded rotisserie – it’s just so darn easy!)
  • Sun-dried Tomatoes on Olive Oil
  • More Olive Oil
  • Garlic
  • A Package of Fresh Basil
  • A Magic Bullet (Or a Blender I Suppose)

Ready for the steps?

  1. Boil noodles.
  2. While noodles are cooking, shred your chicken and throw all of the other ingredients into the magic bullet.
  3. Magic bullet the stuff. I guessed at how much to put in of everything and it worked perfectly.
  4. When the noodles are done, drain and then toss in chicken and ‘pesto’ and THEN EAT IT AND LOVE EVERY BITE.
Yup. It's just as good as it looks.

My amazing camera phone just can’t do the tastiness justice. But trust me. Your mouth and stomach will rejoice!

If you’re a Parmesan cheese person, I’d go ahead and top with that, you know, if you can remember, before you quickly devour the entire bowl. I mean, good luck with that.

And the best part?

A winning review by the boy! Which, brought me up to a 3 to 6 ratio. And then I introduced The Boy and his roommate to enchiladas last night. Hard recipe it is, just following the back of the can… But that got a glowing review as well… so I’m going to go ahead and call it a 4 to 7 ratio. Which means my at bat ratio here is 57%. Still not passing… but we’re strongly increasing!

And other great news? I officially have pancake mix in the cupboard now, so I’ll be prepared for any guests that come over for breakfast now.

Well… I’ll have mix. I still can’t promise meat, eggs, cheese or milk… but I’ll probably prepare for it if you let me know in advance…

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Pancake Fail.

A couple of weekends ago, I promised The Boy I’d make breakfast for him before church. I had grand ideas of pancakes and bacon and eggs and happiness and rainbows and sunshine.

Well, all of those things hinged on having the right ingredients in the fridge. And as I opened my fridge I realized I had two eggs.

That’s right. Two eggs. No milk, no bacon/ham/sausage. No toast. No pancake mix. No maple syrup. Nothing. Nada. Zlich.

But I’m not a quitter. No! Surely I could just make some pancakes with water and flour and a little oil and an egg… right?

And I remembered that my mother used to make amazing home made syrup with mapeline and sugar. But I didn’t have any mapleine. But I DID have vanilla extract! And vanilla syrup is probably amazing. Right?

Everything LOOKS normal!

Everything LOOKS normal!

Did you just laugh out loud to yourself about the idea of semi hard biscuit like pancakes covered in runny strongly vanilla tasting sugar water?

You should have. Because that is what happened.

However, if my secret strategy was to be taken out for breakfast… I will tell you that I accomplished my mission.

And for the future, I plan on keeping a box of pancake mix in the pantry. You know, because that’s probably a kitchen staple…