It’s all in the game…

I can’t tell you the last time that I went shopping and came home empty handed. Not because I needed anything (trust me, just visit my closet), but because I adore shopping. I love finding new things, having new things, wearing new things… and just the thrill of buying new things.

Yes. I’m materialist. Moving on…

With my recent move, life change, career switch – the previous mindset of buying anything and everything I wanted, has changed. And ladies and gentlemen, that’s an awfully large adjustment for a former spoiled girl. After a few scares with a very empty checkbook, I’ve come to terms with it and I’m thinking it’s just one way my life can amuse God a little bit. And hey, if it’s giving God a smile, it gives me a smile…

A few new friends invited me on a shopping adventure this weekend. To a beautiful mall. One may call it my own personal mecca. May I just say, it was beautiful.

And. I. Didn’t. Buy. A. Single. Thing. Well, scratch that, I didn’t buy a single thing for myself. I did, however, buy a $20 shirt (on sale) as a Christmas gift for someone else. But had it not been Christmas season, I would have come home empty handed.

You know what helped? Having someone tell me that I couldn’t do it. So today, I’d like to give a shout out to my loving boyfriend, who told me it was impossible to come home empty handed. Who knew, apparently all I needed to get my finances on track was a bit of a challenge. Making a game out of not spending money. Now there’s a new idea…

One thought on “It’s all in the game…

  1. Jessica Martin says:

    I wish I could figure that out!!

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