Nickels and Dimes…

So here’s the funny thing about gas prices… a few cents can make or break your mood.

Normally, I’m pretty easy going about the entire process. I won’t drive across town over $.05 cheaper gas, because I’m maybe filling 16 gallons and that $.80 savings just isn’t worth it.

Now… driving home for Christmas and being on a budget… that’s another story. That’s 1100 miles… and that’s a whole 50ish gallons in my small SUV.  On $.05 that’s only $2.50… but… My first drive out here was at $3.87 so when I saw THIS price today I was elated.


Would you just LOOK at that number!

$3.01?! You’re kidding me! That’s $.86 cheaper and that means $43. Forty-mother-flippin-three dollars back in my wallet.

So I’m thinking I’m big stuff. I’m saving $43. I’m awesome. God is good. Thank you Santa… and then I drive a block and see this:


Stop it. Stop the maddness.

And all happiness and joy immediately disappeared. Gas for under $3 a gallon. AND I MISSED IT? Stop. Santa whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!

All the rationale of “Betsy this gas is only $.12 cheaper… you really only lost $1.44 because you only got 12 gallons” vanished. There was gas for under three dollars and I missed it… by a block!

This frugality is new to me. And so is the anger that comes with the missed bargin.

You’d better believe that I’m so pumped to drive eastward bound tonight to see all of my loved ones back in the great state of Nebraska. I’m so thankful that it’s Christmas time and I love that I’m working for an amazing organization that celebrates the reason for the season and had an actual Christmas party and not a holiday gathering. I can’t wait to drink egg nog and give gifts and sleep in flannel pajamas.

Can I look past my anger in the name of baby Jesus and get over the amazing gas price that I stumbled upon too late? Most likely yes. But will I continuiously tell this story to friends and strangers alike for the next week? Absolutely.

Here’s to safe travels to all… and to ridiculiously low gas prices!

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