This is a little embarrassing to admit.

But I think I’m a sock hoarder.

I know everyone talks about the monster that must come in and steal the matches to their socks. But I honestly didn’t think that monster existed. Because I haven’t matched my socks since I moved out of my parent’s house 10 years ago. Sock liberty! Freedom! No one cared if my socks looked nice in the drawer anymore.

And frankly, not that many people saw the socks on my feet (and how often do girls wear socks?!) – so who even cared if they matched?

Plus, what’s the harm in having a messy sock drawer? Nothing.

Until it becomes TWO messy sock drawers. And it’s even worse if you still think you only have one messy sock drawer… and then you open a mystery drawer and realize that that drawer is also full to the brim with socks.

That, my friends, is when you have a problem.

A sock problem.

Which is what I realized last week. I have limited storage. And my extensive t-shirt collection (darn sorority) is already taking up a shameful amount of that valuable drawer space. So I made a goal for April – CLEAN UP YOUR DRAWERS. I thought I’d purged plenty when I had to pack up everything and move states. But apparently I have plenty of room to go still. Yikes.

And then I tried to wait. I really did. But those messy socks were taunting me (again, who have I even become?!) and I couldn’t help myself. So late one night, I turned on Beyonce  and rocked it hard – while dumping the entire contents of both drawers on my bed.



Thank you PicStitch for making it easy to show small glimpses of each drawer in one cute little square picture.

Thank you PicStitch for making it easy to show small glimpses of each drawer in one cute little square picture.


I own a disgusting amount of socks. I don’t think I’ve gotten rid of a sock in ten years. And they’ve just multiplied. So I paired all of those socks off. I sorted by color, I sorted by cut… and then I organized my dress socks/tights/leggings/camis in one drawer with all of the the ‘other’ socks in the other drawer.

Which yes, still leaves me with two sock drawers… for now.

But progress has been made! And now I smile when I open my sock drawer (s). And can we talk about how great it is to just open a drawer and pull out a MATCHING PAIR of socks? It’s incredidble. No more digging until you find two similar looking ankle cut socks. Open drawer. Grab pair. Shut drawer.

Who knew?

(Let’s not think about all of the time wasted over the last ten years searching for matching socks. That just gets depressing.)

And yes, I had about 40 socks without a match. So if anyone has a genius idea of what to do with 40 unmatched socks, you just let me know. Surely there’s some sort of Pinterest project for that…


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