As a quick follow up to the Cheese Frenchee post, I’d like to just share with all of you a picture of this so-called Cheese Frenchee.

I mean... COME ON!

I mean… COME ON!

And yes, it’s sitting on top of a pile of greasy nasty onion rings. It’s true, after having to think through all of the ingredients, I admit, it’s pretty gross. But really, it tastes delicious and it’s SO worth it.

I also wanted to give you a little teaser of things to come.

There really are 101 Things To do. That's at least 101 blog posts.

There really are 101 Things To do. That’s at least 101 blog posts.

I had a whole lot of amazing birthday presents this year. And this slow cooker cookbook is the one of the best. I looked through it briefly trying to decide what I wanted to do first. And I found six recipes that I had a really hard time trying to narrow down. So there will be plenty of crock pot fun in the near future.

Oh… and this found it’s way into my kitchen this week too..

This. Makes. Blending. Things. So. Easy. And it's so clean. And it's so small. It's PERFECT!

This. Makes. Blending. Things. So. Easy. And it’s so clean. And it’s so small. It’s PERFECT!


This slightly charred kitchen  is fully loaded and ready to cook up a storm!

3 thoughts on “A WELL STOCKED KITCHEN…

  1. grace says:

    Very good pick of the cook book, but I also think you need to post one of the dish towel 🙂 LOVE YOU!

  2. grace says:

    No clue friend…its from a really cute store in Stillwater and I had bought it for myself…and then it was just a good addition to your gift. Bryan thinks its weird what I give you, but I get over what Bryan says and just do what I want 40% of the time. And roadtrip this summer to come visit you????? yes???

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