Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just snap your fingers and have all the mess in your house put magically in it’s place?

You’d be a cleaning ninja. Everyone would want to be your friend.

Including me. Because I FOR SURE don’t love cleaning. But I do love a good party.

And new dresses. Those aren’t too shabby either.

So why not use party throwing and pretty dresses as your motivation to get everything done?

Sounds like the perfect cleaning motivation to me. Sold!

So I decided to throw myself a housewarming cocktail party. Cocktail attire. Fun summer drinks and appetizers and wonderful people.

And here’s my best showcase of why this was important:

The room BEFORE the party.

Don't judge me.

Don’t judge me.

The room the DAY OF the party.



And of course Kate crashed the photo.

And all this effort took was a few new pieces of furniture, a few loads of stuff into the creepy furniture cellar… and a little extra special navigation to coax everything where it needed to go.


This is probably why people tell you that you need to measure before committing to something...

This is probably why people tell you that you need to measure before committing to something…

Thanks Water Boy for your help. As it turns out, it’s really just not possible to move a desk on your own. Or an armoire.


And then, the house was clean, and the friends came over, and there was merriment and smiles all around.

And even better, the next morning, I woke up to a clean orderly house. And my internet got installed by a fantastically humorous cable guy.

So now the house is well put together and I can blog about it from the comfort of my own bed.

I would call that a win. Absolutely. Any other great cleaning motivations? I’m willing to find another cleaning muse!

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