Happy Two Years Together!

Yesterday my lovely friend Stacey posted that it was her two year wedding anniversary on facebook. I smiled, remembering how much fun that day was to see her marry the love of her life. Her in her beautiful gown, him with all of the love and adoration in his eyes and one heck of a beautiful and fun reception.

And then I smiled even bigger, because I remembered that meant that two years ago, I also made a giant commitment. Took a giant leap of faith. Did something extraordinary.

I bought my car!

Did you doubt that I would have taken a ridiculously cheesy "look at me" photo after the big purchase?! Silly you.

Did you doubt that I would have taken a ridiculously cheesy “look at me” photo after the big purchase?! Silly you.

I could tell you all about the car buying process, the debate about new v. used, the financing questions, the joys of licensing and paying taxes, the weird sales guy… but those aren’t the point of this post.

The point is, we had our two year anniversary and I realized that, in two years, I had put over 37,000 miles on my car.

What I see. Every day. Multiple times a day. Multiple miles a day.

What I see. Every day. Multiple times a day. Multiple miles a day.

Holy buckets.

I did the math. That means on average I’m driving 50 miles a day.

Now granted, I moved about 600 miles away from home this year. And I’ve made quite a few 1200 mile round trips. And I LOVE driving everyone everywhere.

But still, my mind is just boggled.

I have this perception that cars that get to 100,000 miles are really old really bad cars.

And I’m realizing I could potentially hit that in the next 3 years.

Which is crazy town to me.

So cheers to my wonderful car. Who has dealt with me for many many miles, carried so many friends, family, massive slobbery dogs, furniture, belongings and has managed to get me safely all around Nebraska and Colorado, as well as some trips to Kansas, Minnesota, and Iowa.

And cheers to myself for being grown up enough to have learned to purchase a car and deal with the oh-so-joyous monthly payments that come along with it.

Oh – and cheers to that lovely bride and groom, who, not only had a spectacular wedding, but chose a perfect date to have this occasion on so that I can selfishly remember when it really was that I purchased my car each year! Hugs and love to the happy couple!

2 thoughts on “Happy Two Years Together!

  1. Emily G says:

    Please, please, pleasepleaseplease tell me you made the sales guy take that picture.

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