Salt and, Salt and, Salt and Pepper Here

I broke down yesterday and I bought something a little more frivolous.

BUT, I’d really considered it for a couple of weeks. I researched the options. And I just really wanted the little bit nicer set.

How b-e-a-utiful are those little guys?

How b-e-a-utiful are those little guys?


Salt and pepper shakers.

Yes, it did make me break out into a small rap from ‘Push It.’ Thanks Salt-N-Pepa for that perfect reference.

Yes, shockingly, I didn’t already own any. I know, surprise surprise.

Yes, I was using my large Morton Salt container to salt things.

Classy. I know.

And after watching New Guy just grab his salt and pepper shakers and use them to spice something… I realized that’s a much more convenient way to season something. Plus, it looks a whole lot more grown up.

And then I turned to Pottery Barn to show me my salt and pepper shaker options. And then I found them. And then I fell in love. They were beautiful. They matched my dishes. They would look incredible and they were $12. Which, since I needed two (one for salt and one for pepper) would be a $24 commitment.

Which is slightly ridiculous.

But then after searching for a cheaper option (read: I ran to Walmart’s website) I realized that each shaker there is $8.

So…. $16 isn’t that far from $24… right?! And that extra $8 spent would bring a lifetime of joy.

I left it alone for a couple weeks… but I could not stop thinking about how beautiful those were.

And then I caved. I went to Pottery Barn I smelled the smell of happiness. I drank in the color scheme. And I told the lady behind the counter exactly what I wanted. No looking around for me necessary.


She rang them up. And the total was $12 plus tax.

Because I am an idiot. And they price salt and pepper shakers as a set… because they are a set. In my head individual prices made sense. I buy each bowl separately at Pottery Barn. Wouldn’t that be how the shakers worked?

No Betsy. That’s not how it works. Because they aren’t the same thing. Turns out. They are different. Or you would never know which one was which!

And that’s the story of how: I caved and I bought something nicer than required, then saved $12, and discovered I’m an idiot.

The end.

(Or really… it’s just the beginning of a beautiful life with new salt and pepper shakers…)

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