My room. AKA Mary Poppins Closet.


I call it Mary Poppins closet, simply because there’s more in here than anyone could predict. In all actuality, I’m in awe it’s all in here. And that it fits.

But when The Roommate came to move in… I needed to combine two bedrooms of stuff… into one bedroom. Had you asked me if it was possible. I would have told you no.

But I would have been REALLY wrong. With the exception of my beautiful chalkboard desk (which, happens to fit nicely in The Roommates room Рbless her), everything does fit.

I’ll just bet you’re wondering how? Right?

Great news… I took pictures.

We’ll call this before. Moving in a bookshelf, an ‘armoire,’ a full closet worth of clothes, half of bathroom worth of stuff… and all of the stuff one would store in an office.


So. Much. Stuff!

We can call this the middle:

Attempting to fit everything in the place it's going to stay. Oh-so-full.

Attempting to fit everything in the place it’s going to stay. Oh-so-full.

And… for now… the end result:


Everything has a place!!

Everything has a place!!

I’ll just bet you’re thinking “Betsy, if you cram it all into the closet on the floor… it doesn’t count!”

Well kids, buckle your seat belt… because even the “closet” is in order!


Everything is in order... even the HATS have a place!

Everything is in order… even the HATS have a place!

Sure. Some of the extra linens went into the creepy cellar for storage… but other than that. Stuff is in place and organized. Huzzah!

And I owe you all sorts of stories of new furniture, hanging things in the wall ALL BY OURSELVES and a few recipes. Let’s be thankful that tomorrow’s Friday and I’ll have some time to play catch-up this weekend on the blog!

Happy Friday friends. Hope you all have a brilliantly wonderful weekend!


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