Pancake Fail.

A couple of weekends ago, I promised The Boy I’d make breakfast for him before church. I had grand ideas of pancakes and bacon and eggs and happiness and rainbows and sunshine.

Well, all of those things hinged on having the right ingredients in the fridge. And as I opened my fridge I realized I had two eggs.

That’s right. Two eggs. No milk, no bacon/ham/sausage. No toast. No pancake mix. No maple syrup. Nothing. Nada. Zlich.

But I’m not a quitter. No! Surely I could just make some pancakes with water and flour and a little oil and an egg… right?

And I remembered that my mother used to make amazing home made syrup with mapeline and sugar. But I didn’t have any mapleine. But I DID have vanilla extract! And vanilla syrup is probably amazing. Right?

Everything LOOKS normal!

Everything LOOKS normal!

Did you just laugh out loud to yourself about the idea of semi hard biscuit like pancakes covered in runny strongly vanilla tasting sugar water?

You should have. Because that is what happened.

However, if my secret strategy was to be taken out for breakfast… I will tell you that I accomplished my mission.

And for the future, I plan on keeping a box of pancake mix in the pantry. You know, because that’s probably a kitchen staple…


One thought on “Pancake Fail.

  1. […] And by lately, I mean, my all time record. And by a BIT I mean… I’m 0 for 3. First I strongly over spiced the brussel sprouts on our first dinner, then I made the very bland and not-so-tasty spinach squash lasagna (I know, I know, the name says it all),  followed by the pancake fail. […]

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