Goat Cheese Omelet

Did you just die reading those words? Is your heart happy because you saw GOAT CHEESE in the title?

If not, I’m confused as to how we’re friends, but, I’ll attempt to move past that and continue upon my merry way of telling you about how I HAVE FOUND SOMETHING INCREDIBLE.

Let me start with the two things that weighed into this:

  1. I recently finished reading Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist. You guys, it’s incredible. It’s about friendship and wine and community around a table. And you know what’s better? It’s a collection of short stories, most of which feature a memory centered around a dish. Being at the lake house with friends and always having XYZ for dinner, knowing someone was sad and needing a casserole and feeding them the casserole. At the end of each of these fantastic stories, she includes the recipes. Which, are fantastic. I loved this book. I’m loving the recipes. Do yourself a favor, go buy a copy of this book for yourself, and one for your best friend, so you can read it together and then gab about how fabulous this incredible woman is and how you want to stage a random meeting and somehow get invited to one of her dinner parties…
  2. I adore breakfast. I could probably eat eggs for every meal. Especially if they were served with greasy hash browns and bacon… but even without all of the million extra calories those delicious side items I’ll take the eggs. For. Every. Meal.

So after reading one of my potential new bff’s new favorite author’s stories about goat cheese scrambled eggs… I thought “eggs and goat cheese… yes.” And then happily added ‘goat cheese crumbles’ to my grocery shopping list.

I thought maybe I’d save it for when there were a couple of people around to try it out with me… but then I remembered the losing streak I was on and decided to give it an initial go on my own.

So I threw a couple eggs in a bowl, whipped them up and then poured them into my fancy new mini skillet (thanks dad!) and cooked them on one side. Then I flipped those suckers over and while they were cooking the other side, I added goat cheese crumbles and spinach (you know, the vitamins and anti-oxidants and whatever else that’s good in spinach offsets the badness of the goat cheese… right?!) and folded it over and BAM! it looked just like a little breakfast place had made it for me.

So it's a little torn... and on a plain piece of toast... but it's still magically beautiful.

So it’s a little torn… and on a plain piece of toast… but it’s still magically beautiful.

Okay, it looked a LITTLE bit like a professional made it for me. You know, because it wasn’t burnt and had some fancy ingredients in it!

And then I took my little fork and cut myself a little bite and tried it.

And then I died and went to heaven. My heart was filled with joy and happiness. And the sun started shining and there were rainbows and a unicorn. Eggs and goat cheese.

Flipping genius.

I officially know what I’ll be eating for lunch every day this week. Um, you know, cause I want to practice my technique and um, really make it so that I can WOW guests when they come over.

Oh who am I kidding. It’s because it’s great and I want to eat it every day all day long.

Your takeaways from this blog? Go buy that book right now and read it. It’s so amazing.

And then sprinkle a little magic dust… I mean… goat cheese on your eggs the next time. It’ll make your stomach cry happy tears of delight!

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