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There’s something about having a newer car that makes you really want to keep it clean. Inside and out.

And for those of you that knew me when I had my Trail Blazer Pat (yup, the cars name was Pat – was it a boy? was it girl? It was Pat. I’m sorry if your name is Pat. I’m mean. I know.) – you KNOW that’s a feat.

So I enjoy driving through a quick car wash when Chrysanthemum (we call her Chrissy for short) gets really dirty.

But you know who likes the car wash even more than I do?


That girl.

She loves the car wash. Which makes me smile.

Some may say her smearing her nose against the window defeats the entire purpose of trying to keep it clean… But hey – when are the inside of my windows EVER clean?!

But the outside. The outside is purely magnificent!