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5 Things I Need to do in the next two years.

A few years ago (okay, maybe 5), I had a brilliant idea.

I was going to compile a list. An entire list of 10 Things To Do… before I turned 30.

It was inspired because so many people talk about their five year plans. Now, I love to plan. Every minute of the next month out. With friends. But the “what I want my career path to look like” or what my “life goals” are. Not so much. That’s just too big picture. And I’m having too much fun living in the moment of now to think about what might be.

But since people kept asking… I thought of the things I’d love to do before hitting 30. Random things. Things that I’d always wanted to do. And I wrote them down. And I’ve been keeping track.

Turning 28 has me thinking I’ve got to get a move on here… but I love the smiles that all of them have brought through random conversations… and the laughs I’ve had watching them play out.

So ladies and gentlemen… I present the list. And I’d highly encourage you to do something similar. Find some things you want to do. Write them down. Set a deadline. And tell your friends.

And if what you want to do is silly. All the better. They make for the better stories anyhow. Forget those life plans.

  1. Ride a Cow (This stems from a story my grandmother once told me)
  2. Ride on a Motorcycle
  3. Ride on a Roller Coaster
  4. Sing Karaoke Alone
  5. Travel Outside of the Country
  6. Watch a Movie in the Movie Theater Alone
  7. Skinny Dip (Sorry Mom and Dad)
  8. Make Out in a Library (Sorry again)
  9. Visit Disney World/Land
  10. Buy a House

I’ve accomplished five. I’ve got five more to go.

And two years.

It’s going to happen and be great… and you’ll hear the stories.

Well, most of them 🙂