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Being a Yes Girl

If you know me, you know that I’m totally a YES! girl. Which leads to a full, adventurous, exciting and rather packed to the brim life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

But sometimes, saying YES! leads me straight into crazy, out of the ordinary and slightly extreme situations.

Which, is why today, I’m sitting in a hotel room in a city not too far where I live, getting ready for 30 days of adventure.

Friends – I’m moving into a Young Life Camp for a month.


Don’t worry, I’m equally as surprised as I said YES! to this Tuesday. And since then, the week has been packed with readying the house, finding pet sitters (bless you friends), buying supplies (you’re a God send Sarah) and giving co-workers and friends a heads up.

Okay Betsy, but really, what exactly are you doing for a month?

Great question.

I get to hang out with nine amazing (I haven’t yet met them, but I’m sure they are amazing) high school girls; cleaning bathrooms, making beds and doing laundry for the next month.

You hooked yet?

This. Is. My. View. For the entire next month. Be jealous.

This. Is. My. View. For the entire next month. Be jealous.

How about now?

I’m spending a month in the mountains, quietly (well, as quietly as I can muster) serving behind the scenes at a Young Life camp for families as the house keeping boss. It’ll be tough work (I’ll be doing my normal Young Life job for fun on the side!), filled with mess, sweat, exhaustion, crazy and probably some tears (myself… and the girls).

But it will also be incredible. There will be joy, laughter, bonding, costumes, cheese balls and spending some good quality time with Jesus.

I’m a strange mixture of excited and totally and completely terrified.

I would love for you to send thoughts and prayers my way for the next month. For patience, grace, extra energy, health, happiness and that the Lord would use this time in my life exactly as he needs and has planned.

And know, I will absolutely be coming back with stories of vomit, poop and utter weirdness that will make you roll on the ground in stitches.

This is why I’m a YES! girl. It’s all about the stories to share. Oh, and something about God having one heck of a sense of humor.

You’re welcome.

Until then, thank you friends for the thoughts and prayers.

And then next time you look go to the bathroom, just smile and laugh about how at that moment, I’m probably cleaning a strangers toilet…

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If you know me at all, you know that I love and adore Young Life.

I love working with high school kids, being silly and acting crazy comes naturally to me and to top it all off I heart Jesus.

AKA – I’m fairly certain I was put on this planet to be a Young Life leader.

Every week I head to Young Life Club. We play games, we sing songs, we do skits and then we deliver a gospel message. It’s a place each week that kids are welcome to come, let loose, be free from judgement and know that someone there cares about them. Someone wants to know how their day was, someone smiles when they walk in the door and someone just plain knows they exist. Because high school is hard. And having someone there in your corner makes it just a little easier.

So sing songs, play silly games and act like a fool it is. I’m in. Bring it on.

And of all the silly things and all the crazy skits, I have one absolute favorite that tops the rest.

Dueling Banjos.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the actual skit itself, or if I love it because I remember everything great about it from when I was in high school and my fabulous wonderful amazing Young Life leader was in it. Tough call.

But this week, this week I was lucky enough to get to participate in the skit myself. I wish I had gotten video of it, I really do. Because it’s great. It’s funny. It’s hysterical.

General concept: You and another leader go back and forth playing dueling banjos… but instead of playing the banjo… you use LED pen lights… and you play your nose. You’ll have to just look at this video (around the 1:00 mark) of these guys playing and then combine it with the picture below to get it.

Shoot. You have to have the lights off to see the glowing part. Guess that means you can't see my face ;)

Shoot. You have to have the lights off to see the glowing part. Guess that means you can’t see my face 😉

Yup. Two of these guys. In my nose.

So pretty. So random. So. Much. Fun.

So pretty. So random. So. Much. Fun.

This picture also begs introduction of my good friend… The Church Lady.

It only seems fair to introduce her with another club shot. It was kindergarden club. We were disobeying the teacher. Roll with it.

It only seems fair to introduce her with another club shot. It was kindergarden club. We were disobeying the teacher. Roll with it.

My partner in crime with the pen light. This girl is the first friend I meant in Colorado. On the porch of the house we stayed in when I came out to find an apartment. She willingly volunteered to show up, take us to church (thus the nickname) and be nice to a complete and total stranger.

The first night I was in town, she invited me to go through the grocery store with her. Which may not sound awesome, but when you move to a new town, you have no food and you don’t know what the grocery stores are called – this is the worlds largest blessing. Not to mention, the night before I started work, was Halloween. I had no friends and was largely at risk of sitting at home alone watching Hocus Pocus with a bowl full of candy. Yikes. But The Church Lady invited me into her home, introduced me to her people, and calmed my nerves before day one of my new job. She was the one that I first opened up to, the one that let me come over bawling after dropping off the boy at the airport and the one that let’s me get my house decorating fix in by talking to her about re-arranging her entire kitchen (…you’re right… your sink isn’t centered on the window… but you could totally fix that by knocking this wall out, adding storage here, moving your fridge there…and on and on). Smile.

I am so incredibly thankful for her. She’s truly a blessing. She’s sweet. She’s funny. She’s kind.

And she’s married to this guy…

Young Life Camp. Does it get any better?

Don’t worry – I’m not a total creeper. Orange Spandex guy happened to be at camp this summer when I brought my girls. Small world. Young Life Camp. Does it get any better?

We’ll call him Orange Spandex Guy. I know, I know, I’m so creative. He’s the guy that didn’t believe me when I told people that chili and cinnamon rolls were a thing. He questioned the level of culture in Nebraska… but he’s been the most fun to watch try these new things. Because he’s just that – fun. And when I’m in a bind – it’s these two I call. Example: They were the ones that came over after I nearly torched my apartment and then spent their evening helping me clean up the baking soda (that was EVERYWHERE) and then took me out for dinner.

Oh and Orange Spandex Guy happens to be my area leader. He runs the show. Basically this long aside is to tell you that they are just a neat couple.

That Young Life. It’s just filled with all sorts of fun and cool people. I think I’ll keep them. 🙂

And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I play another round of Dueling Banjos in the near future so that I may record it and become a giant YouTube star. You know, that or just share it with all of you.

One or the other.

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