The Closet

There used to be a time in my life where a new gift card to Target would have been spent on a Will Smith CD, the SATC entire series DVD collection… or on clothing/accessories/makeup… Because yes, I DID buy all of those items with amazing gift cards gifts (best. purchases. ever!). I would have seen that gift card and jumped for joy over the endless possibilities on my want list. Especially considering that the incredible Neiman Marcus for Target line had just come out… Really, who doesn’t need a Diane von Furstenberg yoga mat? Or a nice Oscar de la Renta pet bowl?!

But this Christmas, I was more than just excited about the gift cards to Target. I was absolutely elated… because that meant I could FINALLY organize my bathroom closet!

Say what?!

Ladies and gentlemen, I was actually excited to buy storage containers. Yes, that might have thrown Old Betsy into some downward spiral of emotions that a clean closet was more important than a Tory Burch lunch box… but shockingly New Betsy doesn’t really care. New Betsy really wanted the storage containers. I blame my friend. This is all her fault.

When I moved into this apartment this friend, aka “Jillian Michael’s of moving,” was kind enough to climb in the UHaul and head across the country with me. She was like a whirlwind of unloading and organizing. To put it simply, she was amazing. When I wanted to throw something into the closet – she would calmly step in and suggest that I group like items together, or that maybe just maybe I’d want to actually fold the towels before shoving them in. So this is what we got, a combination of her futile effort and of my need to just take things out of the boxes.

Look! Folded towels! Like items together! Everyone wins!

Look! Folded towels! Like items together! Everyone wins!

Man oh man was I proud. Check that out. It’s clean. It’s organized and whatever my little ball of energy friend was spouting about was quite obviously crazy. But as I’ve been here and had extra time on my hands, I realized she was right. Having things organized means that you ::might:: actually see them and use them. Or, heaven forbid, when you needed a band-aid… you could FIND it – because you actually knew exactly where it was! Plus, that girl has the cleanest closets of anyone I’ve EVER seen… and let’s face it, when you see someone with a clean closet, you’re just impressed.

Armed with my gift cards, shelf measurements and a plan, I went to Target. Did part of me want to deviate from the plan and get that fabulous Lela Rose dress? Absolutely. But that got shot down as the realization hit that not only did I have zero places to wear that beautiful cocktail dress, but also because it just wasn’t practical. Did you read that correctly? Not practical. Oh man, New Betsy is officially a grown up.

After sizing up all potential baskets, shapes, colors and PRICES – I settled on black, wicker and right over $10 a basket. It took multiple Targets (really Target, only three of one style at a store?! Puh-lease.) – but I went home having used every dollar of my gift cards & Christmas cash – but not one cent more! #winning

I carefully laid out everything in my closet, sorted it all by function (hair, face, medical…) and then began to give each product a home… and this is what we ended up with:

Tears. The most beautiful closet of all times.

Tears. The most beautiful closet of all times.

Yes, you are encouraged to scroll up and then scroll back. Bam. Organized closet.

Am I bummed that the baskets on the ground don’t match? Sort of. But I already had those… and didn’t want to spend anything else on STORAGE BASKETS. That seemed a wee bit unnecessary. Plus, let’s just remind ourselves that this is all in a closet. In my bathroom. In my apartment that I’m in for another 4 months. Probably no need to have a panic attack about a couple of baskets that don’t match… probably…

You’d better believe that I immediately texted before and after pictures to everyone I know. Especially Miss Michael’s herself (my friend – not the real person – I’m not some crayzo!). And have I opened the closet to show everyone that’s set foot in my apartment since? You bet your bottom dollar! Do I still smile every time I open that door? Heck. Yes!

I’m just loving this organization thing. Knowing just where my nail polish is when I want to change color is just a glamorous feeling. Or having people stay over and being able to hand them a tub when they ask for your makeup… it’s fantastic. Highly recommend it.

Now go forth and organize!


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