Oh the things I’ve learned…

If this doesn't just make you smile...

If this doesn’t just make you smile…

Today on my agenda – ‘be handy’ – aka today was the day I was going to paint my own nightstand/future cat cabinet. In the process I also managed to:

  • Take down Christmas decorations at a sorority house
  • Explore and fall in love with a beautiful/clean/happening Goodwill in my area
  • Run errands, enjoy dinner and chuckle over some good episodes of The Nanny with my lovely friend and fellow lover of all things Beyoncé
  • Find new perfect knobs (on super sale), remove old knobs and hinges, sand like crazy and learn why spray painting inside is seriously frowned upon (seriously – don’t do it – terrible idea)… all for the most perfect and lovely and wonderful new furniture addition in the apartment

And here’s my preview of how incredible and amazing this puppy is going to look:

Would you just LOOK at those knobs!?!?

Would you just LOOK at those knobs!?!? And the ivory – oh the ivory!


Tomorrow – we will reassemble – and it’s going to be incredible. In fact, I might have a really hard time cutting a hole in the side. This beautiful piece of furniture for a cat? I am officially crazy…

Stay tuned…

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