Cat Cabinet – Before and After

Remember this old thing?

Good bones people. It's all about good bones.

Good bones people. It’s all about good bones.

Well looky look how it all turned out:

Try your best to ignore the terribly ugly linoleum and cheap carpet. Focus on those amazing knobs... and that beautiful color...

Try your best to ignore the ugly linoleum and cheap carpet. Focus on those amazing knobs… and that beautiful color…

The best news? It was WAY under the $90 I would have spent on Amazon for the already manufactured one. Here’s my breakdown:

  • New piece of furniture $20 (thank you ReStore)
  • Spray paint (with primer) $10
  • Knobs (I know, I had the wood ones, but absolutely couldn’t say no to these) $8

$38. And it’s beautiful. An absolute and complete win! Now all we need is a hole in the side and we’ve got ourselves the most beautiful and over-the-top cat litter box of all times.

And no worries friends – my apartment has FINALLY lost the smell of spray paint. Nothing like having your windows wide open when it’s 8 degrees outside. Lesson learned. Now who needs something else done? I’m just itching for a new project…

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One thought on “Cat Cabinet – Before and After

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