The Blessed DMV

I move to a new city. I research the grace period on when I need new license plates – and I find it’s 90 days. So I set my January goal “get that done.”

What I didn’t anticipate was the level of difficulty it could possibly be to get new license plates in the state of Colorado. Let me give you a break down of what you need (you know, partly in case you ever want to move here and partly because I just really need to vent this all out):

  1. A Colorado’s Drivers License (we will come back to this)
  2. A VIN inspection (you go to the one option in your county, they charge you $15, they run a report, you need that)
  3. Proof of insurance in Colorado
  4. A copy of your registration

So – that leads me to my second goal – get a Colorado License. Oh, well what do you need for one of those suckers?

  1. Your old license (makes sense)
  2. Proof of your current address (fine, I’ve got a bank statement)
  3. Your passport (what?!) or…
  4. Your birth certificate

No. Your social security card doesn’t count.

How’d I find this out? I went to the DMV (with a fellow coworker who was ALSO trying to get his license) and we both got rejected. Hard. After psyching myself up. Telling myself it wasn’t going to be so bad at the DMV. There would probably not be any lines (side note: there weren’t – so at least we got rejected quickly…), all of the workers would be friendly (they really weren’t ba) and that this would be a great way to show the world that I am officially living in this new state… And then BAM! Rejected.

Here’s part of the kicker – you HAVE to have your middle name on either your passport (which is optional) and/or there’s about 7 requirements that have to be met on your birth certificate.

Say what?

Here’s what I’m telling you folks – it’s easier to get a passport than it is to get a driver’s license in the state of Colorado.

In my mind that doesn’t make sense? But I’ll get over it. What I won’t get though, is a driver’s license and my plates by the end of January… only because I have to get my birth certificate from my previous home town, where it’s stored, because really, who ever needs their birth certificate.

Apparently anyone trying to get a license in Colorado.

But I don’t want to leave you with a sour taste in your mouth. So I’ll tell you this. I’m at the airport in Colorado Springs right now. My 7:05pm flight is the last one out of the airport (seriously, so cute) and there was no one in the ticket line and not a soul to be seen in security.

And there’s free wi-fi.

So don’t worry my friends – Colorado’s not all bad… parts of it are pretty darn wonderful. Maybe just not-so-much the DMV…

One thought on “The Blessed DMV

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