February Resolutions

If you’ll remember – last month I came to the genius conclusion that setting yearly goals for myself just didn’t work. I procrastinate. Bad style. If I did that – I’d wait until December to even attempt to start something that really I wanted to start a year ago. That just doesn’t make sense.

But you know what did? Monthly goals. Love me a box to check. Plus – if I tell you – then you know about it and I am held accountable. I really think I’m on to something here.

So here’s January’s goals and how they shook out:

  1. Buy nothing month. We knew it was going to be a little rough with two sets of visitors coming into town and a trip home. But I tell you what. I actually got into the habit of bringing my own lunch to work. I stopped going to Target when I felt the whim and started making a list. That way I actually think about something before I buy it awhile to see if I really needed it… or just wanted it. Those tweezers? Yup. Those are a need. The tape? Well, I found some in my tool closet (where else?) and now I don’t own two rolls. High five Betsy!
  2. Drivers license and license plates. I tried. I really really tried. I just didn’t have the right paperwork. #Bummer. Don’t worry, that moves to the top of my list for next month…
  3. Thank you notes. I didn’t write about it, mainly because that would be extremely boring. But I did it. Check. Watching The Bachelor and writing thank you notes is absolutely the way to go. I highly recommend it.
  4. New Way to Exercise. Bam. Frequency of exercise maybe not so great. But I found something I love. Hm. Maybe I should set a goal about that this month…
  5. Cook one new meal every week. Done! I blogged about those here, here and here. And don’t worry, there’s a fourth. But I’m a huge slacker and I haven’t blogged about it yet. Stay tuned.

I’d call that a pretty great month. So great, that I will absolutely set goals for February.

  1. Driver’s license, license plates, Passport. That’s right. I’m adding Passport to the list. This requires going to Walgreens, getting a photo and then going to the Post Office and spending a ridiculous amount. That’s easy. And what if I end up with a whim to go to Paris? I mean, it’s not ‘no spend January’ any more… I’m going to need that sucker.
  2. Appointments. It’s time. I’ve been here three months. I need to find new people. This month I’m scheduling an eye appointment, a dentist teeth cleaning visit and I need to find a vet to see K and Phoebs. I know, this is an extremely sexy goal. Even though it’s maybe disgustingly practical. It’s a need. And I’m doing it.
  3. No recorded TV until I’ve exercised for the day. What?! Here’s the deal, I really like my bed. Like, a lot. That combined with my absolute lack of discipline leads to me going home and crawling into bed and watching tv. Instead of doing something active. For heavens sake, there’s an elliptical in my living room. There’s no excuse to not jump on while watching a show. Or spending quality time with Julian before seeing what’s happening with Jess and Nick. This is happening. Count on it.
  4. Crock pot fun. I brought my crock pot back from my old home this month. I love my crock pot. And there’s one million things to try with it. Once a week – I’m making a crock pot meal. Yes I will take suggestions. Send them my way if you have them.

What about you friends? Want to accomplish something this month? Shoot me an email. I’m more than happy to hold you accountable! Overall, January was a fantastic month. The temps were warm. I had fabulous visitors. I found a groove. I’m looking forward to February as it’s looking as if it’s going to be pretty darn wonderful month. More fun visitors, more fun new places to try, great work to be done and some wonderful new friends to explore more of life with!

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