The Crock Pot

Of course security would search through my crockpot bag. Hope that gave someone a laugh...

Crock pot, Tupperware and clothes. That’s what everyone carries in their suitcase… right?!

I bought a crock pot many moons ago and I rarely used the thing. It just sat in a cupboard getting dusty. Because what on earth would you use a crock pot for? It’s sad friends. But we all know it’s true.

Moving on…

Here’s what I learned a couple of months ago. You can put something in the crock pot at the beginning of the day… and then you get home… and it’s just ready to eat. Genius. So smart.

Well, when I moved, I left the crock pot in Lincoln. Not purposefully. I just wasn’t thinking about it. But now that I’m cooking up a storm, I was really craving that crock pot.

So my last trip home was a short weekend, but I decided to pack not too many things in a large suitcase, so that when I flew back – I’d have a room to put the crock pot in my suitcase. Man, how smart am I? This saved me from buying a new one – or paying someone to ship me my old one. This option was FREE!

Things I didn’t consider:

  • The throwing of my suitcase
  • Potential damage to my crock pot
  • How the guy/gal in security would feel when they opened the luggage and saw a crock pot in there. Don’t worry, I’m not smuggling drugs, just cooking supplies…

I got home and ended up with some broken Tupperware and a largely dented crock pot. Great news – it still gets hot – and there’s nothing wrong with the inner bowl. And did I mention… this option was FREE.

Now, every time I look at that crock pot I will smile. And think of how clever I thought I was being. Oh the good old days…

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3 thoughts on “The Crock Pot

  1. Thelma Branscombe says:

    Did you ever try to make just half of a reclpe?


  2. […] my crock pot. Totally did to make Buffalo Chicken. And it was genius. In fact, I’m using it again today for some BBQ Chicken for the […]

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