March Resolutions

Did February fly by? I mean, were there actually 28 days? Where on earth did the month go?

It was like magic. It disappeared. It might have flown by because life has started to pick up. Have you maybe noticed in my lack of posts? Sorry. My bad. But, I pretty much kicked my goals butts. So I feel GREAT about that.

Let’s review goals and how we did shall we? Oh accountability. You little minx.

  1. Driver’s license, license plates, Passport. Check, check and check. I blogged about it here. And I feel GREAT about it.
  2. Appointments. Eye appointment, Dentist, Vet. Check, not-so-check and check. I mentioned K going to the vet here, but didn’t blog about the eye appointment, because it’s really not a great post. Although, they did dilate my eyes. I looked like a mess. That’s pretty funny – here’s me three hours after:

    I normally have nice little pupils. Tiny little guys. This makes me look like a crack addict. No good.

    I normally have nice little pupils. Tiny little guys. This makes me look like a crack addict. No good.

  3. No recorded TV until I’ve exercised for the day. Can we just call a spade a spade and say we failed hard. I have cut back on tv… but only because I now have friends that invite me out. So… it’s sort of a win. But really, more of an exercise fail. Who wants to give me a hard time about that?
  4. Use my crock pot. Totally did to make Buffalo Chicken. And it was genius. In fact, I’m using it again today for some BBQ Chicken for the week… YUM!

So now let’s talk March.

What do I want to do with my month? Here’s what:

  1. I want to learn to knit. Or at least sign up for a class. I’m doing it. 
  2. I’m putting together a budget. Like a real “here’s how much you have to spend on gas” budget.
  3. Because of my fancy new budget,  I’m going to put money in savings at the end of the month.
  4. I want to re-become a morning person. I miss it. I want to get up, spend time going my side work, shower, get ready… whatever. But feel ready for the day… and go to bed at a decent hour. It’s a wee bit harder to measure. But, typing it makes me at least consider it every night when setting the alarm… right?!

Hope you all had a fantastic February! Bring it on March!

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