Happy Love Day

Even looking at these beauties makes my heart happy!

Even looking at these beauties makes my heart happy!

Valentine’s Day.

Singles Awareness Day.

Overpriced greeting card day.

Regardless whatever you call this holiday. Remember that the day is all about LOVE.

Loving your friends for being your constant strength in life.

Loving your family for your upbringing in life.

Loving your job for providing you with an income so that you may buy groceries, pay rent and those darn utility bills.

So regardless of your check box in the SINGLE, MARRIED, ETC list, make sure you spread love today. Send an email to a friend giving them a compliment and reminding them that you love them for everything they do in your life. Call your parents. Smile at strangers.

And heck, if you want those tulips (or that box of chocolates… or both… no judging here) and no one is sending them to you.

Buy them yourself.

Because you’re so worth it. 😉

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