Friends, I’ve discovered a very very important new thing.

You can bring your lunch to work.

It’s a radical new concept, I realize, but guess what – it saves you time, it saves you money… AND it’s typically the healthier option.

One morning a week or so ago we had a random delay for a snow day. Because my super awesome Jesus loving job takes into consideration your safety… and calls snow delays. Have I mentioned my job rocks?

Anywho – I still go up at my alarm (fine – a few snoozes after my alarm) and had plenty of free time. I made some coffee, I showered, I curled my hair… AND I PREPARED A LUNCH.

I got out the skillet – I cooked a turkey burger, sliced up a tomato, avocado, some mushrooms and a red onion and threw it in a Tupperware on a bed of spinach.


It's so many great things in one container.

It’s so many great things in one container.

And kids, it was delightful.

Well, if we’re being honest – I’d also thrown in some bacon bits – because – they make EVERYTHING better, but by the time I ate it, they were soggy. And soggy bacon bits lose a bit of their magical powers, you know? So – word to the wise – don’t leave bacon bits in a container with moist (yikes – I know) things. Lesson learned.

So if you’ve got an extra 20 minutes in your morning – I vote for you to use some time really preparing your lunch because:

  1. It makes you feel SUPER fancy at work.
  2. It gives you the warm fuzzies.
  3. Your co-workers are bound to be impressed.
  4. It’s GOT to be better for your waist line than another trip to Chick-fil-A!

If you have other quick/easy-to-make lunch ideas – shoot them my way! I’d love to try them!!


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