I have not fallen off the face of the planet… I just was taking a blogging break.

Because here’s what I’ve learned about blogging. Sometimes, I just don’t want to share everything I do with the world. Right away anyway. Sometimes I just want to process on my own and then share.

And sometimes, I really don’t have that much to share. Or that much that I think is entertaining enough to share.

So I store up stories for a while.

So, no worries to those of you who thought maybe I was sitting around doing nothing for the past few weeks.

I just wasn’t ready to share it with all of you and put a humorous spin on it.

I’ve been cooking, I organized my drawers, I spent time with amazing friends, found a new place to live come May, saw the fam, budgeted some more and discovered a couple of new restaurants.

I also discovered an entirely new way to spell my name:

Oh Jimmy Johns, you're so cray cray.

Oh Jimmy Johns, you’re so cray cray.

Bettsie. I mean, hooked on phonics maybe didn’t work for this person – but hey – no judging here. Bad spellers of the world unite!

I promise to re-join the blogging world this week. With fun stories. And good recipes. And lots of laughs.

Thanks for sticking with me through radial silence. You guys are the best.


One thought on “NO ONE PANIC

  1. Cathy Maddox says:

    Well I was getting a little bit worried, and have to admit I was going through Betsy withdrawal from not hearing anything for such a long time!

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