What a fabulous weekend. And yes, I really really did have that hair in college. Yikes.

What a fabulous weekend. And yes, I really really did have that hair in college. Yikes.

These girls. Are. So. Great.

These girls. Are. So. Great.

You know those friends of yours that are constant and wonderful?

A couple of weekends ago (on the blogging sabbatical) I was fortunate to visit a whole boat load of them.

Friends I’ve had since high school (and before!), friends I have because of Young Life, friends that I’ve had since college and some amazing friends I’ve made after that. All within a 3 day weekend. BAM!

It started with a friend picking me up from the airport. Tangent: I once heard someone say that’s a sign of true friendship. And I believe it. Plus, it’s a really great excuse to spend an hour on the drive back from the airport catching up. Then the crazy whirlwind weekend began with late night appetizers, getting to hear about great friends getting married and having babies, then sleeping at my parents house, breakfast with friends, half day board meetings… a coffee date catch-up with a dear friend.

Another breakfast (seriously – turns out – it’s a great way to capture people… and a great excuse to eat greasy breakfast!), a pedicure (thank God) and then a full two days of sorority wonderfulness.

My old roommate and I toured our old room, we saw the chandelier I randomly bought our beloved house and our group had lunch at our favorite spot. We went to meetings, we dressed up, I found a friend in a matching dress, we had drinks, I won an award and we spent the night laughing through old memories and making new ones.

I’m not telling you all of this because I need you to know that I really like breakfast (which, is so incredibly true as well), but I just had to throw this post out there to say that – my friends rock. So if you read this blog, it’s most likely because you’re my friend – and I’m just so stinking thankful for you. Moving towns and changing my life has made for a few strange months and so many people have been so incredibly supportive and I couldn’t feel more fortunate about that.

So thank you friends for an incredible weekend. Filled with laughter, hugs, smiles and amazing memories for years to come.


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