Okay, it’s not that life altering.

Or that amazing.

But I think it’s HUGE news.

Remember that one time I tried to torch my apartment down with the oil fire… if you don’t, clearly you haven’t been around me at a party lately and haven’t been reading my blog long enough. But it happened and in the process,  I destroyed the microwave.

So right after it happened, I called the apartment complex to let them know that I, totally by myself and of no one’s fault but my own, torched the microwave and asked about how to replace it.

Ironically, the maintenance men couldn’t come out that week… as they were busy conducting fire safety inspections (aka replacing batteries).

Yup. Awkward.

So finally last week, I re-called them. Scheduled a time I could take my dog out of the apartment (she doesn’t like strange men coming into her apartment – totally fair) and they could come and take a look.

So, K spent the day with me at work and when we got home – K immediately smelled that there had been strangers in the apartment and freaked out (man, I love that dog). And tada! there was a new microwave. And know, I use “new” lightly. It was used, covered in dust… and some sticky substance that I refuse to question… but a used microwave is probably cheaper than a real one right?! But, there was no invoice of any sort.

So I call the front desk and ask about if I could get an invoice for that – because I didn’t want it to come out of the deposit when we move out – since it’s no fault of my roommates.

And guess what kids.


No, I have no idea how that works. But the front desk lady was shocked that I would even question paying for it. “Why would you think you had to?!” she sweetly asks.

Um, because I killed it. Hard. Flames came out of it. It. Melted.

Point of the story?

  1. That part of the tax refund I set aside to go to paying to replace the microwave? Well, those dollar dollar bills are going into savings!
  2. It pays (no pun intended) to be nice to your land lady. Because you just never know when you’re going to need that microwave replaced.


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