Yes. You read the title of this post correctly friends. I have fallen in love with a new adventure. Which, is where I’ve been for the last month.


Kidding. I promise I’m not THAT big of a nerd. I’ve only spent like half the month doing that… the other half I just spent making fairly boring meals, starting training for Kate (yes friends that have met my beast, I’m learning to be a better dog owner, I’m SURE there will be stories about this in your near future) and spending lots of time at work on a massive project we just finished.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand… Geocaching.


LOOK! They are so stinking tiny! You'd never know!

LOOK! They are so stinking tiny! You’d never know!

It’s a log. It’s the cache. It means YOU’VE WON!

Geocaching is this crazy hobby involving a compass, GPS coordinates, and a hint… and then you go adventure seek to find the cache.

How adventurous you ask? Well, sometimes, you just have to climb INTO trees to find them.

Dedication. That's what this little hobby takes.

Dedication. That’s what this little hobby takes.

It was introduced to me by my lovely friend, and I’ve since passed the hobby along to another 5 people. True story.

And now, I want to pass it to all of you. It’s something to get you out of the house (cool move Bets, right before winter), something that you can do with a friend or two to fill your time with adventures and laughs and also to just make you aware of hidden treasure in your own backyard. Because sometimes… these caches are filled with TRINKETS! Seriously, just when you didn’t think life could get any more exciting!

So go to and I’ll let them teach you how it works (it’s simple and they make it simple). And then down load the App on your phone. Because as much as you’d like to think that you can handle it with a compass and an actual GPS, it’s a heck of a lot easier with just your phone (I mean, more power to you if you already own a GPS and a compass. You’re officially now my hero!). And then tell me about it. We can nerd out about the time we climbed into the tree like idiots together.

And know, if you come and visit me in the near distant future… I might kidnap you and take you on an adventure. So – be prepared for that.

Happy caching friends!

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2 thoughts on “Geocaching.

  1. washknight says:

    Always great to hear how excited new. geocachers Are Your post made me smile

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