The Runza… Meets Taco Salad

This is the story of how I realized I was a grown up.

Awhile ago on facebook, I saw a picture of a recipe. AND IT LOOKED DELICIOUS. And in my head I thought “I could probably make that.”

Which, wouldn’t seem like such a big deal… but it is… BECAUSE THERE WERE NOT DIRECTIONS TO FOLLOW. I just made it up.

Yes. You read that correctly… I, Betsy, the girl who one year ago had rarely used the oven to make anything harder than cake from a box… made it up.

I looked at it. Thought through what it probably needed. And then I just made it. And are you ready for this? It was incredible.

Which, is why I can call myself a grown up. Because, confession time, I’ve thought this to myself before and then it’s turned out terribly. And those things I don’t blog about, because it’d be embarrassing to confess that I combined rice, green beans, cream of mushroom soup and tuna and thought that it might end up the best new recipe of all times (news flash: that’s a terrible combination, do. not. try. that. at. home). So, I choose to keep most of those (clearly not that one) to myself.

But this time. I won. And since your life on the interwebs needs to look perfect… I am here to brag about how genius I am.

Kidding. I’m not that girl.

But I AM the girl who wants you to know about this because it’s freakishly easy and totally delicious. And you will thank me for it being like a taco salad combined with a Runza. Yeah, I said it. Go with me here, you won’t regret it.

Oh, what’s that? You want proof? Fair. I’ll show you the finished product before we go any further:

I've convinced you right? Yuuuuuuuuuum.

I’ve convinced you right? Yuuuuuuuuuum. Thanks Instagram for making my photos cooler than they really are.

Yeah. And the great news? It’s real easy.

Cool Bets you’ve been rambling for a while now, let’s get to the point shall we?

Here’s what you’ll need friends:

  • Two cans of crescent rolls. I used just one, but to really overlap the triangles more all while making it more carb-filled and delicious, I’ll use two going forward.
  • A pound of hamburger.
  • A packet of taco seasoning.
  • Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream… or whatever else you’d use to top your taco salad!

Start by cooking your hamburger… add taco seasoning according to the directions. While the meat is cooking, arrange the crescent rolls as such on a baking sheet:

It's a star! Sort of... So, I'd use two cans and have them overlap more next time.

It’s a star! Sort of… So, I’d use two cans and have them overlap more next time.

When your meat is fully cooked, you’ll add that to the ring of triangles and then fold the flaps over…

Yum. And, this is the perfect example of how you need more rolls...

Yum. And, this is the perfect photographic evidence of why you need more rolls…

And then you cook according to the directions on the crescent roll container. When the rolls are nice and browned, take them out, fill the middle of your ring with salad fixings… and TADA! a quick, warm, family (or roommate) friendly meal.

And here’s what happened… As I was pulling out this quick dish from the oven, my roommate walked in and was so excited that dinner was on the table and ready to enjoy. And then got even MORE excited when she realized it was actually tasty dinner. Seconds? Yes please.

Meanwhile, I took a bite and thought “oh my gawd it’s a taco seasoned Runza!” Which, as you all know, just made my heart sing with joy… all while getting me to think through how I should maybe reach out to Runza and let them know that I have a BRILLIANT new product line for them… I’ll probably become a millionaire. I’ll keep you posted on my progress on that front (read: you’ll never hear about this again because the idea will flop).

Anywho, that friends, is the story of how I became a millionaire product inventor an adult. Wow. Only took 28 (nearly 29) years to get here!

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