So the other day I wore shoes that were too big to work.

And by too big, I mean that these suckers wouldn’t stay on my feet when I was walking more than four steps. To be fair, I blame the stretchy TOMS ballet flat fabric and the fact that it was really cold outside. Which is my way of saying that I will absolutely make this mistake again because these shoes are cute.

My plan (after realizing what a tactical error this had been) was to go home and change them out at lunch. But then someone invited me out for a one dollar taco from a taco place with Taco Tuesdays… And I mean you can’t say no to a taco… Especially when it’s cheap and within walking distance…

Which, reflecting now, was a terrible idea. If the shoes don’t stay on my feet for four steps, imagine how bad it was for four miles (okay okay, blocks).

So I did the logical thing and popped into the store next to the Mexican restaurant and bought new shoes.

Oh, did I say logical?

I meant insane expensive ridiculous thing.

But seriously, how cute is this pair of TOMS?! And in chevron. I died.


And THAT’S the story of how I spent $50 on a random taco lunch.

So… Looks like we have a ways to go on that whole “fiscally responsible” thing. But hey, it’s all a learning curve right?!

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