An Ode to Chuck.

People, I have giant, life-altering, incredible news.

And by that, I actually just mean I have generic news, but I’m REAL excited to tell you about it.

I have finished watching Chuck.

Oh, you didn’t know I started it because I watched it so FAST?! That’s fair. I understand. I have that “I turned on the television for one episode and then was still sitting here five episodes later and it’s one in the morning and I haven’t had dinner” problem. (If none of you have that problem, totally disregard that last sentence as a joke…or something.)

Anywho, I have officially watched all 91 episodes of cute-nerdy-geek-squad-turned-undercover-spy-asset Chuck. I did the math. That means I’ve spent a whopping 63 hours of my life watching a television show. Let’s not think of the part time job I could have had with that time. Or how that amount of hours would basically get me my realtors license. Or anything else productive.

Let’s instead look at it as I started a large undertaking and I finished it.

I’m SUCH a goal master.

I’m also a rock star girlfriend (because yes it IS The Boy’s favorite show, which, may or may not be the reason I was watching it in the first place…).

But enough about me. Check out this cast of people that have become my fake friends.

Come on. They just LOOK like fun don't they? So fun YOU TOO could spend 63 hours of your life with them.

Come on. They just LOOK like fun don’t they? So fun YOU TOO could spend 63 hours of your life with them.


So much so that by the last episode I was SOBBING over them. Which, is only terrible (read: embarrassing) since it’s The Boy’s favorite show and I was watching it with him. I think he was worried I was broken.

Nope. Not broken, just crying over fictional characters. NBD. Oh, that’s not how you watched it because you’re a boy? My bad.

So if it’s looking like you have a large chunk of unaccounted for time about to hit your hands (or you just generally think sleep is overrated), might I suggest this show? Why yes, it is on Netflix… AND it’s boy/girl friendly. And I think appropriate for all ages (I don’t have children, so while it seems appropriate to me, some might say I’m a bad judgment call there)? It’s just a nice, friendly, happily little show about a cute nerdy boy (that you will fall in love with), a will they/won’t they situation with his sassy blonde co-spy, and the stinking best random supporting cast of characters ever.

Thanks for 63 hours of laughs (and ::shakes fists:: tears) Chuck. You’ve been great.

And to the rest of you, I’m sorry that I just potentially inspired you to waste devote every night for the next two months watching this show. You can thank me when you’re done*.

*Ahem, unless you hate the ending, which, I hear some people did. But I thought it was nice. I guess have low expectations going in and there’s a better chance all will end well!


One thought on “An Ode to Chuck.

  1. Kevin says:

    Crazy, I got addicted to Chuck following the knee operation and finally remembering what my wife’s password was to Netflix! You are so right, it just gets to you and you want to keep hitting next. I have forced myseld to take a breake after season two because I don’t want it to end. but the itch is back and it won’t be long now. I enjoy the blog, keep up the good work.

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