Let’s Bubble America!

I have a brilliant, hilarious, wonderful amazingly kind hearted, incredibly selfless friend name Maggie.

I completely and absolutely stole this image from the Let's Bubble America! Contest. I don't deserve any credit for the sheer beauty she's shining. That all goes to the Chicago Ad Agency. High five ad agency. You captured all of her awesome!

I completely and absolutely stole this image from the Let’s Bubble America! Contest. I don’t deserve any credit for the sheer beauty she’s shining. That all goes to the Chicago Ad Agency. High five ad agency. You captured all of her awesome!

A few weeks ago, I received this email from her that had me both 100% impressed… and 100% in stiches. After debating about posting the whole thing for a little bit, I’ve decided I’m not even going to bother attempting to summarize it, but let you read it: 1) because this way you can see all of the sheer awesomeness that I’m referring to and b) I think you’ll be able to appreciate why Maggie’s my BFF immediately:

Subject Line: Scrubbing Bubbles and Maggie

Body of Email: So.  I think I have the best and most random story ever to share with you today.

It is about Scrubbing Bubbles.

And I know what you’re thinking: “what do you mean a story about Scrubbing Bubbles?”  Well, my friend…it is an awesome story.  Very few people would appreciate it as much as you!

So back in October, I saw that Scrubbing Bubbles was asking for nominations for an upcoming promotion called LET’S BUBBLE AMERICA.  They were looking for non-profit organizations that were in need of a DEEP CLEAN from Scrubbing Bubbles.  I got to thinking about it and realized that The Gathering Place (the soup kitchen in LNK at 14th and E…I’m guessing you know about it and/or have volunteered there) would definitely qualify as a non-profit in need of a deep clean.  TGP is in an old home built in 1900, just south of the governor’s mansion.  It is huge and old and, well, not super clean.  So, I filled out an application/nomination for TGP, uploaded a photo, included a few paragraphs about how awesome TGP is, and moved on with my life.

Literally, forgot I even did this.

Until Wednesday when my phone rang.  It was Ogilvy, an ad agency out of Chicago who handles Scrubbing Bubbles for SC Johnson.  After confirming my identity, the woman proceeded to tell me that out of the 700+ nominations they received, they had decided TGP was one of the top 9 finalists for LET’S BUBBLE AMERICA!  LOL  The winner will be decided by nationwide vote (March 15-April 15).  She then proceeded to say that Ogilvy will be sending a representative to LNK next week (Wedn) to (1) interview me; (2) interview the director of TGP; and (3) take video footage that will eventually turn into a 30 second video for TGP.  Each finalist will have a 30 second video on the voting page.

AND THEN it got funnier.

The lady told me that she needed to do a criminal background check on me.  And I was like “why?”  And she said: “Well, because the top 3 finalists will interact with our celebrity spokeswomen.”


The top three vote getters (nominator and nominee…so me and the director of TGP, if we are top 3) will go on THE QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW with QUEEN LATIFAH and TIA AND TAMARA MOWRY (Sister Sister girls…however you spell their last name).  LOL.  LOL.  LOL.
THIS IS REAL.  I might meet Sister Sister and the Queen. 
The grand prize is a clean (services and products) valued at $10,000!!!!!  The Gathering Place director is seriously freaking out.  And so am I!!!!
Isn’t this the funniest thing you’ve ever heard!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

And here’s the thing. It was pretty stinking funny. But it’s also one of the most awesome things that I’ve ever heard. I LOVE Maggie for taking a moment when she thinks “this would be great for them” to actually submit them, to share part of her story and to share the story of an incredible organization that does so much for the community. What’s this place that she so loves you may ask? Great question! The Gathering Place is a soup kitchen in Lincoln that serves over 30,000 meals every year to one of the towns low income neighborhoods. And they are in an old building and they rely almost solely on volunteer help, and that just means that a $10,000 deep clean would really go a LONG way for this great place.

I’m sure you’re thinking “sure Betsy, but you’re just biased because she’s your best friend and you’re just secretly writing this because you want her to win and take you to meet Sister Sister.”

Wrong. I’m not biased (but you’re maybe 56% right about the Sister Sister thing) about Maggie being awesome. And I know that because Cindy Lange-Kubick wrote an article about the whole thing here.

So I’m hoping this inspires you to do two things:

1) Take a moment and GO VOTE! You can vote every.single.day. if you want. Heck, you could set a reoccurring appointment on your calendar and just do it every day really quickly before you leave work. Or while you’re making dinner. Or eating breakfast at the breakfast table. OR you can just vote once if this is the only time you think about it. But I’d sure appreciate if you took 5 seconds out of your day to click that link and vote real quick like. Maggie would appreciate it too. And so would The Gathering Place. Basically what I’m saying here is, that five seconds of your life would mean a whole lot to at least two people and one very cool place.

2) The next time you have a moment for a random act of kindness, do it. It may be one quick moment out of your busy life, but it could mean incredible rewards for someone (or something!) else. A deep clean for this place? That affects 30,000 meals being served next year. That’s just completely overwhelming to think about. And worth every second on the front end out of your packed day.

And as an added bonus kids, remember, one small act of kindness could lead you to meeting Queen Latifah. Which, is basically the best random payoff… like ever.

Happy voting!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Bubble America!

  1. Maggie says:

    Ahh! I AM FEELING OVERWHELMED BY YOUR KINDNESS, Betsy! Thanks for spreading the word. I can’t even tell you how much it means to me. 🙂 hugzzzzzzzzzz gurl P.S. That photo of me is just terrible!! 🙂 lol

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