You know how every once and awhile you do something accidentally genius?

Well, today I feel like an accidental genius.

Because I found the best, most easy and totally inexpensive breakfast dish ever. And it tastes amazing.

Let me just summarize: carbs, cream cheese and blueberries… Yeah. It’s that good.

And when I say ‘I found’ I mean that in strictly the loosest terms. Because what really happened is this incredible lady sent it to me (as she’s been reading my cooking adventures) IN JANUARY with the suggestion that I try it because it was a sure fire win… and it’s taken me this long to try it.

Which, to be fair, it serves eight. And let’s be real, I’m not around eight people for breakfast that often. Ain’t nobody need to see me that bright and early, let alone seven poor souls hanging out with pre-caffinated Betsy.

But, what I realized was, I am hanging out with a group every week that was already used to seeing Betsy before the sun rises… and that they’d totally be the right crowd for this job! My Friday morning Bible Study. I sort of wish we had a catchy name for our crew to insert here, but we don’t. We’ll work on it.

Basically, it’s the most amazing group of women that has come together with the most amazing fearless leader. We meet before work every Friday at 7am and we’re having so much fun that we keep accidentally not leaving until 8:30am. We totally lose track of time as we chat – and that, my friends, is the sign of a great group! We laugh. We cry. We’re struggle together all while diving in and really focusing on some great scripture. Truly, it’s the highlight of my week every week and I just feel so darn lucky to have these girls loving on each other, pouring into one another, praying for each other and encouraging one another in every aspect of life.

Phew. Not to get too sentimental there, but gosh, they are just the best.

AND the most loving.

So! If I was going to have a cooking fail, then this felt like the perfect crowd to do it with. You know, the kind that would laugh with you as you all took the first terrible bite together? And then you’d joke about it for years to come.

Great news: That didn’t happen. And spoiler alert, I ::might:: have gotten called Betsy Crocker this morning. Yup. True story.

And all after minimal effort. Let’s just say, this sucker is going into rotation for everything! The blog that it comes from, Real Mom Kitchen, says she makes it for Easter every year. And since Easter is sneaking up on us, I’m taking that as a sign (thanks Jesus) that I have to make it for Easter brunch this year!

Overnight Blueberry Casserole

French Toast:

  • 12 slices bread, cut into cubes (I used Texas Toast and you should too.)
  • 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, cut in cubes
  • 1 cup blueberries (use fresh! come on, you know you want to!)
  • 12 large eggs
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup
  • 2 cups milk (why yes, that is the size of the little drinking containers at the grocery store!)


  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 Tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 cup blueberries (fresh!)
  • 1 Tablespoon butter

 Arrange 1/2 of the bread cubes in a greased 9 x 13 pan.

Sprinkle cream cheese cubes and blueberries evenly over the bread cubes. Top with remaining bread cubes. Mix together eggs, milk, and syrup. Pour over bread cubes and cover pan with foil. Let chill in refrigerator overnight. Bake covered with foil at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove the foil and bake for another 30 minutes or until fluffy and golden. Top with sauce.

Serves 8.

Sauce: Cook water, sugar, and cornstarch until thickened. Stir in blueberries and simmer for 10 minutes. Add butter and stir until melted. Serve over the french toast. (Important Note: ‘cook until thickened’ requires more time than one minute… but if you’re, let’s say, in a hurry and you have to sort of just boil it together with the blueberries for a bit… it’s just as tasty!)

And this my friends, is what it turned out looking like:



See the melty cream cheese? See those fresh blueberries? CHECK OUT THAT TEXAS TOAST THAT SOAKED IN THAT EGG?! Delish. I don’t want to say that everyone had two servings, because we’re ladies. But you know, we totally did.

So thank you Kara for sending that my way and for making me look like a total rock star. I so appreciate it. You’re awesome.

And note, if you have something that’s a staple in your life, I’m so game to try it out. Just send it my way! Not only will you receive a shout out (I mean, take that for what it’s worth!), BUT you could contribute to altering my entire cooking future. And that’s really worth the investment… (maybe, probably, most likely)

Happy Friday my friends! T minus not too many hours before the weekend begins!



  1. loving this – and will surely try it soon…. but a whole dozen eggs!?!?! and making your own syrup? that’s some high-level baking there, missy!

    yes, you should try my Stromboli – you can find the link here: http://funtimeswiththebeckers.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/stromboli-of-luv/

    • I know, I know, it’s a lot of eggs! But they soak right on into that bread overnight! It’s crazy! And by crazy. I mean, crazy delish.

      That Stromboli looks amazing! And looks like it could be a pretty great replacement on V day for my heart shaped pizza! I’m so trying that! Thank you thank you new mama!!

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