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Someone mentioned this video yesterday because it was Thursday, Thursday. Today it is Friday. Friday.

And I thought, what’s a better way to look forward to the weekend then to kick it off by partying partying with …


The Rebecca Black Friday video.

I’ve missed it.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I missed it.

In fact, I absolutely just considered purchasing it and making it my alarm ring tone. I mean, how cheerful is that to wake up to?

Answer: Super Cheerful.

(Don’t worry roommate and/or anyone else that ever might share my sleeping space and fun visitors. I didn’t.)

So I’m very sorry if you’ve seen this and you instantly closed your browser for fear that you would have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the weekend.¬†Because¬†it’s Friiiiiiiiiiiday. Friday. And you’ve just gotta get down on Friday…

Fun. Fun. Fun. Looking forward to the weekend.

How terrible. And awesome. Seriously – how did that become a thing? High five Rebecca Black. Way to hit viral video fame. We we we so excited.

Happy Friday people.

Oh – And if you’re confused, just remember, it’s like Rebecca Black says. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.

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