Someone mentioned this video yesterday because it was Thursday, Thursday. Today it is Friday. Friday.

And I thought, what’s a better way to look forward to the weekend then to kick it off by partying partying with …


The Rebecca Black Friday video.

I’ve missed it.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I missed it.

In fact, I absolutely just considered purchasing it and making it my alarm ring tone. I mean, how cheerful is that to wake up to?

Answer: Super Cheerful.

(Don’t worry roommate and/or anyone else that ever might share my sleeping space and fun visitors. I didn’t.)

So I’m very sorry if you’ve seen this and you instantly closed your browser for fear that you would have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the weekend. Because it’s Friiiiiiiiiiiday. Friday. And you’ve just gotta get down on Friday…

Fun. Fun. Fun. Looking forward to the weekend.

How terrible. And awesome. Seriously – how did that become a thing? High five Rebecca Black. Way to hit viral video fame. We we we so excited.

Happy Friday people.

Oh – And if you’re confused, just remember, it’s like Rebecca Black says. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.

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