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Home Sweet Home

Well friends, I have a bit of a big announcement.

I’m coming home.

Permanent style.

Home to family. Home to friends. Home to Speedway.


The land of corn, beef and Runzas.

Gosh I’ve missed you.

And you know what’s crazy? Now I’m going to miss Colorado.

It’s the place that I learned how to pick myself up and dust myself off after falling (literally and figuratively), the place I learned that kitchen knives really were worth the investment, that you should never cover oil on the stove and that keeping an organized bathroom closet is so fulfilling.

I found out that outdoor adventures weren’t so bad (especially if you didn’t end up covered in mosquito bites), living frugally can still mean living fully, all things are possible with a good GPS and that you really can survive away from home in a town where you don’t know a soul.

I’ve found the kind of friends that enjoy cuticle care as much as I do, the type of friends that will drink red wine out of Oliva Pope inspired wine glasses WHILE watching Oliva Pope (love of trashy tv is a universal language!) and the type that just show up on your doorstep carrying cartons of Chinese food (or heck, even McDonald’s, don’t judge me).

Not to mention, I discovered some pretty great coworkers. The kind that say ‘Bless You’ after every sneeze, the ones that laugh with you at your daily frustrations and, my favorite, the ones that will steal away with you for a coffee when you need me a pick me up and refuse to drink the office sludge (I’m sorry Young Life, but seriously, sludge).

And these coworkers might even name the area you sit in after you when you leave.

Are you dying over how great that is? Because I am. Totally and completely.

Are you dying over how great that is? Because I am. Totally and completely.


The land of skiing, climbing and crunchy granola crazy hippies.

Whom I’ve come to love.

And I will miss terribly.

Guess I’ll just have to come back and visit. A lot.

Especially for one super smart, super adventurous ginger. Don’t worry, I’ve developed quite a few frequent flyer miles in the last two years, I’m happy to have an excuse to use them. And if that supportive, loving, infuriating Boy isn’t just the best reason, I don’t know WHAT is! Heck, you may even see him appear in the great state of Nebraska a time or two…

So, hard to leave? Yes. But am I smiling and giddy running around the house punching my fists into the air knowing I’m headed back to the midwest? To a place where my life is full of dirt tracks, street rods and car shows?


A thousand times yes.

The Good Life. Life is Right. Nebraska Nice.

I’m coming home to you. Get excited.

I know I am…

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One Whole Year In Colorado.

I wanted to write a post and tell you all of my most favorite or most impactful things from 2013. A little year end wrap up if you will. A way to describe the first whole year of living in another state. To laugh about almost nearly torching my apartment to the ground with an oil fire. To remember the time I was THAT crazy cat lady who made a liter box cabinet for her cat that has… NEVER BEEN USED. Or reminisce about when I was worried that the Selena look was making a come back. I mean, isn’t that what Buzzfeed would want me to do?!

But here’s what I realized, this has just been an incredibly wonderful hard strange year. End of the year Betsy just feels like quite a different person than beginning of the year Betsy. And I didn’t have a great way of picking the ‘ten best/worst/most interesting things that happened’ simply because things just felt like they were on a different scale at different parts of the year.

There’s the hard parts of the year. The part where I lost family members I cared about and couldn’t be there immediately to hug my loved ones. The part where I ended a long term relationship that basically just broke me into pieces. And the part where I missed all of my friends living 500 miles away from my new life so badly my soul hurt.

But then there’s the other parts. The second half of year the year. That’s the part where I bought skis, tried rock climbing, learned to live on my own and fend for myself, found geocaching, explored my new state, learned the art of organization, the joy that a clean color coordinated closet can bring you, made some successful meals and taught people in this state that chili and cinnamon rolls is an actual legit combination.

And while doing that, I found some wonderful new incredible friends. The ones that invited a stranger to their birthday parties, their church outings and their weekly activities. The ones that listened to my doubts and drank wine with me on my porch just because. The ones that spent lunch hours with me tagging along as we went shopping at their favorite boutique. The ones that are always game for a pedicure and will absolutely eat dinner with you at that nasty fried fish place that no one ever wants to admit they go to. And the one that I didn’t know at all, but moved in with me so I could afford rent and somehow magically puts up with my crazy animals and makes me laugh on a daily basis.

And somewhere in the midst of all of that I stumbled upon a wonderful new man that gently helped me pick up those pieces my heart had broken into and put them back into place. And then I fell in love with that very sweet and incredible man who brings out the very best of me and makes me laugh at the little things in life again.

And being only 500 miles from home allowed me to travel home when I needed too. The funerals, the weddings, the sorority events that I just couldn’t miss, the basketball games my brother played in, the graduation of that same brother from high school, the major events and holidays with the family.

And even though I didn’t want to do a year end wrap up, what I did want to do very badly was thank everyone that participated in this year of my life with me.

So, to those of you in my life in 2013, thank you for all of the joy you brought me. Thanks for the phone calls, the in person visits, the invites to lunch, the comments on the blog, the random posts on my facebook wall, the FaceTime calls, the handwritten notes, the recipe sharing and the Christmas Cards. Because if anything was consistent through the year, it was the incredible love of my friends (and family!). I owe you all my healthy mental state. You guys rock.

Here’s to a blessed 2014 for each and every one of you.

And don’t worry, even though I’ve turned into a total ski bunny granola eating Coloradan (bwahahaha – NOT) I promise to continue to blog through the good, the bad and the hilarious.

Bring it on 2014.


Where Fiscally Responsible Meets Hair Dye

A couple of months back, I went to the hair school in town to get some highlights put in my hair. It was summer and it was killing me to not be blonde.

Because, for those of you who know me well, my hair is very seasonal. And it had been the same color SINCE I MOVED HERE. Which was like 8 months ago. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much of my natural hair color. And it’s nice. I’m proud of the medium-ish brown tone that I have naturally, I really am. But when it’s June. There’d better be a sun kissed looked to this hair.

But here’s the thing. To maintain that natural looking hair glow… it’s just plain downright expensive. And what nonprofit working girl has that kind of money?

Not this one.

And then I heard about the hair school in town. A magical place where you could get highlights for $35. Did you think you read that wrong? No. You don’t have to go back over it. I said $35. Because, IT REALLY IS THAT CHEAP.

And they really were pretty good. But, something to consider about $35 highlights… They just don’t look like $110 highlights. And since it’s a really nice beginner student doing your hair… it takes about four hours. Which, is just a lot of a Saturday.

And the can’t-stand-bad-roots-or-lack-of-consistency-in-color-and-stripe-pattern type A part of me was dying. So I invited a few friends over, made a trip to Sally’s and took matters into my own hands.

May I introduce, my new favorite thing in the world?

It just LOOKS like fun... doesn't it?!

It just LOOKS like fun… doesn’t it?!

For $20 I now own: a pair of reusable gloves, a mixing bowl, a paint-brush-thing-a-ma-jig, hair clips, a two use bottle of developer and a box of INTENSE medium brown.

Which means, anytime I want to color my hair, your hair, random friends hair… it’s going to cost me like $6. Which is freaking sweet. And I’ll need a friend. Because this really isn’t something you should try alone friends.

And that’s where I’d like to introduce you to my fabulous stylist: Emily Gray. Yes, I appreciate that normally people get a funny little nickname. But this girl has a blog. Where she tells you her name. And YOU SHOULD ALL BE READING IT. Cause the girl is funny. And because of that Emily Gray she will be.

Not only does this legit lady have a funny blog, a DIY husband, two crazy dogs and a baby on the way… But she’s got mad skills when it comes to dying hair.

Things got mixed:



Things got applied:

Adios amiga. And by 'amiga' - I just simply mean blonde hair.

Adios amiga. And by ‘amiga’ – I just simply mean blonde hair.

Seriously, how professional does that amazing lady look?! Gloves. Brush. The whole nine yards:

It's my blog. Of course there's going to be a cheesy picture. People, it's just how I roll.

It’s my blog. Of course there’s going to be a cheesy picture. People, it’s just how I roll.

And then it was DARK brown:

Extra cheese for the after shot.

Extra cheese for the after shot.

Okay… it’s maybe a tad bit darker than originally intended. In fact, some may say it’s BLACK. But hey, maybe we just try something a little crazier and darker for fall this year. Life’s an adventure right? At some point, I’ll probably stop scaring myself every time I look in the mirror…

And for $20, 15 minutes of application, 30 minutes of process time and a serious shampoo (in your very own shower!) – you end up with a whole new hair color! That’s just darn impressive to me.

So thank you to the lovely talented beautiful Emily Gray (I know, I know, last link… I promise!) for my amazing new do. Girl didn’t miss a piece. Everything is one color. She’s a professional. Who knows… maybe I can get her to attempt highlights next time… I mean really… what could possibly go wrong…?!

Bring on the fall, my hair is officially ready!

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You know those friends…


The very best ones? The ones that always laugh at your jokes. They enjoy partaking with you in fun girly activities or just siting with you, lounging in comfortable silence. They know how to how to be classy – even at a dive bar and they know the exact right time and way to deliver compliments to you to touch your soul?! Really, these are the friends that just make your life better because they’re in it.

Well, those girls came to visit me this weekend. I laughed. Oh how I laughed. Hard, with gusto and a few really good snorts – the. entire. weekend. And throughout the whole thing, they just reminded me of how lucky I am to be blessed with some seriously rock star, fantastically wonderful, high achieving, amazingly talented friends.

We ate. We hiked. We ate. We dressed up. We ate. We shopped. We ate. We lounged. We ate.

And kids, we ate good.

Real good.

In an amazing geeky foodie way that I haven’t gotten to experience in a long time.

My goodness I love these friends.

I showed them around my new town. We saw the sites. They saw the new place. They loved on my pets. They were up for anything and everything.

And they brought me Runza.


And then they told my new friends all of the same things I’d been saying about my home state since I moved here:

  • Runza is great. If you don’t like it, we don’t understand you.
  • Nebraska IS a panhandle.
  • Chili and cinnamon rolls as a combination is legit.
  • People from a state should know geographically the border states and where they are positioned.
  • Elevation on a city sign is weird, it really should be population.
  • Measuring distance should only be noted in time… not miles, that means nothing to us.
  • Shopping is an art form.

Okay, that last one is maybe not a serious lesson, but it is true.

And these girls appreciate the beauty in that art form. 110%.

If you’re not catching on… long story short… I adore these girls.

And I already miss them like crazy.

And I love having visitors. And I blog about them. And I totally tour guide them around the entire city… You know… Just something to keep in mind…

So to my AMA ladies: I love you for visiting. I love you for listening. I love you for sacrificing time out of your crazy hectic schedules for our together time. I love you for being flexible and rolling with the punches. I love you for asking the hard questions. And I LOVE that you bring me so much joy.

And be ready for the “Girls on Rocks” 2014 calendar. It’s happening. And it’s going to be magical.

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You might be a drag queen if…


Whoa. Trust me. This is not our normal look.

You scared yet?

Knife Girl and I went to get our makeup done.

The results were a bit scary. Cakey and scary.

Glittery, cakey and scary.

So. Much. Foundation.

So very very much powder.

And don’t even get me started on the eye shadow.

It made for an excellent laugh and some fantastic friend bonding. Moral of the story: If anyone ever invites you to ‘some event’ and ‘this one place’ with a ‘stranger showing us new makeup’ – say yes. Or rather, check your schedule to make sure you don’t have any plans immediately following… and then say yes.

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