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There’s something about having a newer car that makes you really want to keep it clean. Inside and out.

And for those of you that knew me when I had my Trail Blazer Pat (yup, the cars name was Pat – was it a boy? was it girl? It was Pat. I’m sorry if your name is Pat. I’m mean. I know.) – you KNOW that’s a feat.

So I enjoy driving through a quick car wash when Chrysanthemum (we call her Chrissy for short) gets really dirty.

But you know who likes the car wash even more than I do?


That girl.

She loves the car wash. Which makes me smile.

Some may say her smearing her nose against the window defeats the entire purpose of trying to keep it clean… But hey – when are the inside of my windows EVER clean?!

But the outside. The outside is purely magnificent!


The lunch break view…

I went to a work lunch this week.

With strangers.

And I had to make small talk.

And I finished and I was EXHAUSTED. What?! Since when does that make me exhausted? Apparently since now. I think I’m getting rusty. Noted.

Anywho, on the way back, my co-worker and I saw this pull off area for photo taking. And here’s what I’ve learned about Colorado – those areas are TOTALLY worth the two minutes to pull over, jump out of the car and take a picture.


Clear beautiful sky, mountains, rock formations and great desert shrubbery. Yeah. Not too bad.

Clear beautiful sky, mountains, rock formations and great desert shrubbery. Yeah. Not too bad.

This picture. That’s why.

The view kills me. It’s stunning.

But apparently not stunning enough for me to be respectful… Nope, this girl will absolutely still be 100% cheesetastic for the photo opp. And yes, I did have to remove my heels to climb onto that rock. Oh – and rock climbing in skinny jeans – yeah, I don’t recommend it.

Well done Bets. Well done.

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5 Things I Need to do in the next two years.

A few years ago (okay, maybe 5), I had a brilliant idea.

I was going to compile a list. An entire list of 10 Things To Do… before I turned 30.

It was inspired because so many people talk about their five year plans. Now, I love to plan. Every minute of the next month out. With friends. But the “what I want my career path to look like” or what my “life goals” are. Not so much. That’s just too big picture. And I’m having too much fun living in the moment of now to think about what might be.

But since people kept asking… I thought of the things I’d love to do before hitting 30. Random things. Things that I’d always wanted to do. And I wrote them down. And I’ve been keeping track.

Turning 28 has me thinking I’ve got to get a move on here… but I love the smiles that all of them have brought through random conversations… and the laughs I’ve had watching them play out.

So ladies and gentlemen… I present the list. And I’d highly encourage you to do something similar. Find some things you want to do. Write them down. Set a deadline. And tell your friends.

And if what you want to do is silly. All the better. They make for the better stories anyhow. Forget those life plans.

  1. Ride a Cow (This stems from a story my grandmother once told me)
  2. Ride on a Motorcycle
  3. Ride on a Roller Coaster
  4. Sing Karaoke Alone
  5. Travel Outside of the Country
  6. Watch a Movie in the Movie Theater Alone
  7. Skinny Dip (Sorry Mom and Dad)
  8. Make Out in a Library (Sorry again)
  9. Visit Disney World/Land
  10. Buy a House

I’ve accomplished five. I’ve got five more to go.

And two years.

It’s going to happen and be great… and you’ll hear the stories.

Well, most of them 🙂


Adult Birthdays

I made a quick trip home to watch this amazing guy play some basketball. Literally, I was gone from home for 34 hours. 16 were spent driving. It was a bit insane. But totally worth every mile to see this kid.

I get it. I'm biased. But HOW CUTE is this kid?!

I get it. I’m biased. But HOW CUTE is this kid?!

And he won. And he’s awesome. Man I love that kid.

Anywho… while I was home we had a mini birthday party. Because I have rock star family members. And here’s what happened:

A skillet, a spatula or two, some knives and a board game.

A skillet, a spatula or two, some knives and a board game.

What’s funny about this?

These are the perfect birthday gifts.

A little “you know you’re an adult when…”

I wanted a skillet for my birthday.

And a board game.

And those amazing knives.

See you later days of past, the days I wanted clothes, or makeup or something else girly and frivolous. Forget that. Bring on the kitchen supplies and you’ll make me giddy beyond words!

So watch out March. You’re about to get sliced and diced and cooked in my fancy new large skillet.

Cause this girl is on her way to adulthood. Hello grown up world!

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Board Games… Nerd Style.


You guys, I have a confession.



I am competitive.

I’ve been saying for YEARS that the reason I have all of these competitive friends and that I love playing board games with them because I don’t really care if I win or I lose. And then it all got questioned by my main squeeze. And you know what’s terrible? I realized something… he’s right.

I really really like winning.

And I maintain that I’m truly okay if I lose. But winning is way more fun.

And I really adore playing games. Who knew?

And what I really adore? Settler’s of Catan. I think I would have laughed in the past about the strategy nerds that choose to spend their time playing this game.

But now, I’m the nerd who is begging my friends to play this game with me. Because it is awesome. Seriously awesome. It’s strategy. It’s mind tricks. It’s mapping out a plan of attack and rolling with the punches when it doesn’t work out.

And. I. Love. It.

So much. So I asked for it for my birthday. And I now own it. And it’s still in the box.

But soon, I will have a game night. And we will break out that game. And I will make people play it with me for hours. And it will be great.

So here’s to the nerds. To the board game lovers. To those that are a little bit competitive. Turns out, I’m in your crowd… and I’m LOVING it.

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Snow Day Fun Day

As a kid, there was nothing more exciting than the potential snow day.

An entire day to sled with friends, build snow men and drink hot chocolate while hanging out by the fireplace. As an adult, you realized that there weren’t snow days and a large amount of snow only meant scary driving, driveway scooping and really really cold houses.

Well guess what friends? This girl works for someone who believes in snow days again. The world is a much more beautiful place. An amazing, beautiful, snow filled place. So this morning I woke up to a text letting me know that I could roll over and go back to sleep. Talk about the best text ever. This might have been it. Then I woke up to a little love in my favorite coffee mug and a cookie or two. Because, really, what snow day isn’t complete with some cookies for breakfast?!

Breakfast of champions.

Breakfast of champions.

And although I’m no longer five years old, when it snows, you’d better believe that I want to go play in it (after throwing in laundry, doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen). And so does the dog who was built for this weather.

Action shot. Running like a crazy lady and loving every moment of it.

Action shot. Running like a crazy lady and loving every moment of it.

I mean, look at her.

And the best part of the snow day is that everyone in Nebraska was talking about the upcoming storm… and then got no snow. And this is how much snow we got. So much snow.

Thank goodness for Uggs.

Thank goodness for Uggs.

But the best part? By the time I went to climb in my car – this is what it looks like:

I DON'T EVEN NEED A SNOW SCRAPER! How great is that?!

I DON’T EVEN NEED A SNOW SCRAPER! How great is that?!

I love the sun here. Love. Love. Love the sun. Makes it easy to drive around the city when all the snow on the roads has already melted by noon!

So thank you new job for the amazing day off to play in the snow, catch up on life and spend a little time on the couch working while catching up on The Mindy Project.

Perfect day. Hope all of you had a great one as well!


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The Runza Adventure

What happens when you’re enough obsessed with a food item that you talk about it to your new friends for months on end without stopping?

Well – you might just convince them that hopping in the car after work one night and driving for two and a half hours to try this ‘incredible thing’ is the way to go.

Which is exactly what I did.

I kept reading and coveting all of the Facebook posts about the amazing Temperature Tuesday (buy a sandwich for the price – in cents – of the temperature at 6am) and I realized this was my in. I just threw it out there. And people agreed. Crazy friends. Man I like them.

So on Tuesday evening, we piled into the car and drove through Denver rush hour traffic (it’s terrible, it’ll make you want to cry, I don’t recommend it) for 2 1/2 hours to Loveland. Oh wonderful Loveland. Why are you so fantastic?

And that’s where this happened:

Hey Mikey - they like it - they really like it!

Hey Mikey – they like it – they really like it!

I was really unsure of how it would be received. But they loved it! The ranch! the cinnamon rolls! The fact that there was Dr. Pepper. All of it. It was all well received.

And on full stomachs and after lots of laughs and disturbing other patrons during the meal time… we climbed back in the car for the return drive.

Don’t worry, this trip only took 2 hours. And it may or may not have been a dance party. We pulled back into town about 11pm.

Oh the adventures of the young and fun.

The next day was a little rough on all of us. But the trip? Totally worth the drive. Plus, there was a huge takeaway:

See... I'm not crazy. Chili and Cinamon Rolls is a THING!


I’m not crazy. Chili and cinnamon rolls is a THING.

Ah validation. So sweet.

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You might be a drag queen if…


Whoa. Trust me. This is not our normal look.

You scared yet?

Knife Girl and I went to get our makeup done.

The results were a bit scary. Cakey and scary.

Glittery, cakey and scary.

So. Much. Foundation.

So very very much powder.

And don’t even get me started on the eye shadow.

It made for an excellent laugh and some fantastic friend bonding. Moral of the story: If anyone ever invites you to ‘some event’ and ‘this one place’ with a ‘stranger showing us new makeup’ – say yes. Or rather, check your schedule to make sure you don’t have any plans immediately following… and then say yes.

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8 Years Later

I did something crazy this weekend.

It’s something I’ve thought about doing ever since my college neighbor knocked on my door for the first time. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for more than 8 years. I’ve thought about it, always worried about what people would say and think – and I’ve talked myself out of it for eight years.


Things to note: the monkey, Mike, Mike’s t-shirt and the studio art..

But this weekend, with the encouragement of a friend and a whole new mindset on life. I did it.

I pierced my nose.


A love affair eight years in the making…

Yup – goody-two-shoes, rule following, hair highlighting, Loft wearing, Coach carrying Betsy pierced her nose.

And I love it.

So much.

I think it’s a perfect way to kick off a new year, new adventures, new life stage and really new everything else.

So yes, I’m 27. I’m an adult. I’ve got a professional job. I follow the rules.

But now I do that all with a little extra bling!

And it makes me smile.

Oh and don’t worry budget savvy friends – not only was it a small $10 investment in a lifetime of happiness… but I spent it in December. Everyone wins!

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do for a while? What’s holding you back? Go get it! I may have been shaking like leaf, but it was so worth it. I can’t believe I didn’t do it years ago!

The Dog Park

Now if you know me at all, you’ve probably heard me gush over my pets. I can’t help it. Some people gush over boys, children… but me? It’s my pets. Why? Well, they are adorable. Obviously.

Meet Kate Spade (because she is, get it?) – weighing in at 95 pounds. She’s part Newfoundland and part mystery – the fun in rescuing a dog. Kate is a freight train covered in hair, the girls got some serious power and when I adopted her they said she was sassy. I thought “oh please, how could a dog be sassy?” Well. I’ve learned. The girl is sassy.


This is what two days of shedding looks like in the spring at our house. Jealous?

And then there’s Phoebe. Phoebe may be the most talked about cat I’ve ever known. Simply because she has a mustache. That and she’s been featured on the world famous Cat’s That Look Like Hitler website.  Other names for Phoebe include: Phoebs, Hilter Cat, Kitler… Poor kitty, she hates the attention.

I mean really, the girl has a mustache, how can you not love her?

I mean really, the girl has a mustache, how can you not love her?

You’d better believe that both of these furry four-legged friends will be referenced in posts to follow – and I thought an introduction may help set the scene. So I apologize for the long post (ahem, Katie Becker), but it was completely necessary. Especially for this next story.

Let me start by saying I adore Kate. K (as I call her in shorthand format) is quirky, loud and a completely believes she’s a 5 pound lap dog. She’s loyal, she’s a furnace and she just loves having your full attention. But, I don’t think anyone would mistake K for a well-behaved dog. She knows sit, stay, down… but she’s sassy, and she may or may not choose to listen. Unfortunately, her mother (third person reference) is perhaps not the strongest of disciplinarians… and makes for a terrible enforcer. But please, no pity, we have a perfectly worked out relationship where she does what she wants, and I obey…

Knowing this, I’ve never taken K to the dog park. Truth be told, it sounded like a complete disaster waiting to happen. K not on a leash + Lots of dogs + No way to catch her = Impending Doom.

Now though, I haven’t been left with much of a choice. There are mountains all over and one million outdoorsy types surrounding me… people just do dog parks.


It wasn’t until I’d found a seasoned dog park vet to agree to go with me that I even began to feel remotely confident that this could work. 1) Because he knew where the dog parks were and how they worked. 2) Because I was coming off of the high of a really great church service. 3) Because he assured me it would be fine.

And it was. In fact, it was better than fine. We got there, we entered through the double gate, and after I removed the leash, K turned into the perfect dog. We walked along the path (because that’s what you do at dog parks? who knew!) and K followed along. Other dogs came into our path and she politely said hello and then continued along her merry way. There was a giant stream in the dog park, I told K no and she didn’t run into it. It was incredible. We had a ball.

Shockingly, the best part of this story isn’t about K. It’s about my new friend Jared and his lovely dog Ranger.

There’s not an ounce of retriever in K. You throw something and she laughs at you (okay, she just stays sitting next to your side, but if she could, she’d be laughing). But Ranger, Ranger fetches things. In fact, he looked so great that some film crew there asked Jared if he’d throw the frisbee around and let the dogs fetch it. See:

The secret dog whisperer. Just look at those dogs lining up to be his friend.

The secret dog whisperer. Just look at those dogs lining up to be his friend.

You know that moment when you just know something is going to end poorly? Well, it was on one very strong throw of the frisbee by Jared that I realized I couldn’t see Ranger, but I could see a white and black blur coming from behind me.

Oh no.

Oh yes!

I braced. I bent my legs. I know the drill, K runs freight speed and knocks into me all of the time. I was prepared.

However, I wasn’t prepared for the dog to hit right behind my knees. Causing me to buckle. Before you could blink, I was on the ground. My keys, phone and dog treats flew from my pockets. My headband came off my head (explain that?) and I was flat on my back.

My reaction? To laugh. Hard. Because how could you not?

Had Jared been a close friend, he would have laughed at me with me, taken a picture, and posted it everywhere. But sadly, Jared is a southern gentleman and that leaves me without any photographic evidence. Sigh.

I’m certain that there will be many more adventures at the dog park. From now on, I’ll warn my partners in crime to have their cameras ready. Because really, in my life, at any moment something hilarious might happen and truth be told, I wouldn’t want you to miss it. For now though, we can only hope that some unknown documentary camera crew was able to capture some girl in a pink jacket fall flat on her back in the background of some amazing dog chase…

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