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5 Things I Need to do in the next two years.

A few years ago (okay, maybe 5), I had a brilliant idea.

I was going to compile a list. An entire list of 10 Things To Do… before I turned 30.

It was inspired because so many people talk about their five year plans. Now, I love to plan. Every minute of the next month out. With friends. But the “what I want my career path to look like” or what my “life goals” are. Not so much. That’s just too big picture. And I’m having too much fun living in the moment of now to think about what might be.

But since people kept asking… I thought of the things I’d love to do before hitting 30. Random things. Things that I’d always wanted to do. And I wrote them down. And I’ve been keeping track.

Turning 28 has me thinking I’ve got to get a move on here… but I love the smiles that all of them have brought through random conversations… and the laughs I’ve had watching them play out.

So ladies and gentlemen… I present the list. And I’d highly encourage you to do something similar. Find some things you want to do. Write them down. Set a deadline. And tell your friends.

And if what you want to do is silly. All the better. They make for the better stories anyhow. Forget those life plans.

  1. Ride a Cow (This stems from a story my grandmother once told me)
  2. Ride on a Motorcycle
  3. Ride on a Roller Coaster
  4. Sing Karaoke Alone
  5. Travel Outside of the Country
  6. Watch a Movie in the Movie Theater Alone
  7. Skinny Dip (Sorry Mom and Dad)
  8. Make Out in a Library (Sorry again)
  9. Visit Disney World/Land
  10. Buy a House

I’ve accomplished five. I’ve got five more to go.

And two years.

It’s going to happen and be great… and you’ll hear the stories.

Well, most of them 🙂


The Happiest of All Birthdays

I love my birthday. So much. It’s a day you’re showered with love and an excuse to chat with old friends.

Plus… if we’re being honest… sometimes there are gifts. And I really do love gifts.

27 was an amazing and fantastic year.

I fell in love.

Traveled to Austin, Chicago, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Fraser…

Witnessed one my best friends marry the love of her life and enjoyed a few other weddings along the way.

Became an Apple user.

Up and moved my life to a new state.

Strengthened some incredible friendships.

Found some amazing new friends.

And bowled what felt like every other weekend!

I can’t wait to see what 28 brings and if the showering of love yesterday was any indication of how fantastic this next year will be… it’s going to be an amazing year.

Such a lucky lucky girl.

Such a lucky lucky girl.

Adult Birthdays

I made a quick trip home to watch this amazing guy play some basketball. Literally, I was gone from home for 34 hours. 16 were spent driving. It was a bit insane. But totally worth every mile to see this kid.

I get it. I'm biased. But HOW CUTE is this kid?!

I get it. I’m biased. But HOW CUTE is this kid?!

And he won. And he’s awesome. Man I love that kid.

Anywho… while I was home we had a mini birthday party. Because I have rock star family members. And here’s what happened:

A skillet, a spatula or two, some knives and a board game.

A skillet, a spatula or two, some knives and a board game.

What’s funny about this?

These are the perfect birthday gifts.

A little “you know you’re an adult when…”

I wanted a skillet for my birthday.

And a board game.

And those amazing knives.

See you later days of past, the days I wanted clothes, or makeup or something else girly and frivolous. Forget that. Bring on the kitchen supplies and you’ll make me giddy beyond words!

So watch out March. You’re about to get sliced and diced and cooked in my fancy new large skillet.

Cause this girl is on her way to adulthood. Hello grown up world!

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Knitting Here I Come!

Yarn and letters from a pen pal. What a great mail day.

Yarn and letters from a pen pal. What a great mail day.

So in one day I got an ENTIRE box of yarn… and a note from my pen pal (yup, I have one, how cool am I)!

And that box of yarn has inspired me to re-learn to knit. So I found a beginners class on March 15th.

And I’m going.

And it’s going to be great.

So in April – I’ll start working on all of your scarves for your Christmas presents. Go ahead and let me know what color you’d like now 🙂

For serious. Look everyone.

Did we know that KitchenAid made these?

Look! Look! Look!

Look! Look! Look!

It’s ridiculous. I know. Because it’s so impractical. And how many kitchens does that fit in?


That is all. Just had to share.


March Resolutions

Did February fly by? I mean, were there actually 28 days? Where on earth did the month go?

It was like magic. It disappeared. It might have flown by because life has started to pick up. Have you maybe noticed in my lack of posts? Sorry. My bad. But, I pretty much kicked my goals butts. So I feel GREAT about that.

Let’s review goals and how we did shall we? Oh accountability. You little minx.

  1. Driver’s license, license plates, Passport. Check, check and check. I blogged about it here. And I feel GREAT about it.
  2. Appointments. Eye appointment, Dentist, Vet. Check, not-so-check and check. I mentioned K going to the vet here, but didn’t blog about the eye appointment, because it’s really not a great post. Although, they did dilate my eyes. I looked like a mess. That’s pretty funny – here’s me three hours after:

    I normally have nice little pupils. Tiny little guys. This makes me look like a crack addict. No good.

    I normally have nice little pupils. Tiny little guys. This makes me look like a crack addict. No good.

  3. No recorded TV until I’ve exercised for the day. Can we just call a spade a spade and say we failed hard. I have cut back on tv… but only because I now have friends that invite me out. So… it’s sort of a win. But really, more of an exercise fail. Who wants to give me a hard time about that?
  4. Use my crock pot. Totally did to make Buffalo Chicken. And it was genius. In fact, I’m using it again today for some BBQ Chicken for the week… YUM!

So now let’s talk March.

What do I want to do with my month? Here’s what:

  1. I want to learn to knit. Or at least sign up for a class. I’m doing it. 
  2. I’m putting together a budget. Like a real “here’s how much you have to spend on gas” budget.
  3. Because of my fancy new budget,  I’m going to put money in savings at the end of the month.
  4. I want to re-become a morning person. I miss it. I want to get up, spend time going my side work, shower, get ready… whatever. But feel ready for the day… and go to bed at a decent hour. It’s a wee bit harder to measure. But, typing it makes me at least consider it every night when setting the alarm… right?!

Hope you all had a fantastic February! Bring it on March!

Board Games… Nerd Style.


You guys, I have a confession.



I am competitive.

I’ve been saying for YEARS that the reason I have all of these competitive friends and that I love playing board games with them because I don’t really care if I win or I lose. And then it all got questioned by my main squeeze. And you know what’s terrible? I realized something… he’s right.

I really really like winning.

And I maintain that I’m truly okay if I lose. But winning is way more fun.

And I really adore playing games. Who knew?

And what I really adore? Settler’s of Catan. I think I would have laughed in the past about the strategy nerds that choose to spend their time playing this game.

But now, I’m the nerd who is begging my friends to play this game with me. Because it is awesome. Seriously awesome. It’s strategy. It’s mind tricks. It’s mapping out a plan of attack and rolling with the punches when it doesn’t work out.

And. I. Love. It.

So much. So I asked for it for my birthday. And I now own it. And it’s still in the box.

But soon, I will have a game night. And we will break out that game. And I will make people play it with me for hours. And it will be great.

So here’s to the nerds. To the board game lovers. To those that are a little bit competitive. Turns out, I’m in your crowd… and I’m LOVING it.

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